Scout failure

I use Scout as scanner for Clone CD. But when there is a protection on the CD, I get the following failure: “-” ist kein gultiger integerwert.( The program is german.) And the scanning stops, without an answer what’s the protection on the CD.
When there’s no protection, I don’t get the message. What is this, and what is the solution? (By the way: Clony XXL works OK)

Are you German or English (if you are English you can change the lanuage under Sprachen to English - I think that it was there).

This message I never got, but it is clear what it means, but maybe you know: integers are numbers with a fixed comma, e.g.: 12 or 45 or 3 or … .

And yes a ‘-’ is no number.

Maybe the drive tab is wrong configured.

Otherwise if it is possible please post more information.

I’m dutch, and it has nothing to do with the language. In english the same error in german dissapears.
What do you mean by saying that the drive tab is wrong configured?
Jour story about the integers I understand, but how can I get rid of the “-” ???

I am not sure, it is only a possibilty that maybe the drives tab(I am not sure if it is so called in English) is wrong configured. I mean that the letters are not at the right drive model.
For example if you have a CD-ROM-Drive at drive letter D and a CD-R-Drive at letter E and if then Scout configures that your CD-R-Drive is drive letter D and the CD-ROM-Drive is drive letter E.

But I don’t think that this is your problem, but maybe.

Do you get this message with all protections?
I mean do you only get it with protections with defect sectors like Safedisc, Safedisc 2 and not with Securom, Securom New. Or do you get it with all protections?
Which Scout version are you using?
And which ASPI driver are you using, which OS? Because for the ClonyXXL it is not necessary to have ASPI driver installed but for Scout it is necessary - so this is maybe your problem. I don’t know a download link for ASPI drivers, but I would send you the ASPI driver if you give me your E-Mail-Adresse.