Scourexchange closed

I just posted the article Scourexchange closed.

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Scour closed its doors on Nov. 16th.
That sucks

Could not verify this, their website was unreachable…
There is freedom of…

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i cant get it either.


Scour Shuts Down Scour Exchange

Dear Scour Users,

We would like to let you know that on Thursday, November 16th, 2000, Scour voluntarily shut down Scour Exchange, our popular file-sharing application downloaded by over 7 million Internet users.

With heavy hearts, we have come to this decision after months of litigation with the music and movie industries, a bankruptcy and a series of layoffs of our staff. We asked for and received the bankruptcy court’s permission to shut down Scour Exchange to facilitate a resolution of the massive copyright infringement lawsuit pending against Scour, and to help ease the sale of Scour’s technology and assets to a company that is willing to help us continue to change the world with our revolutionary media search technology.

We have always believed in the rights of artists, and have always complied with applicable laws. At every point on the Scour journey, from the dorm room, to our apartment, to our offices, we did everything we could to build relationships with the creative community in Hollywood and to show the world how new technologies could make entertainment as we know it even better. We built a suite of technologies that are best of breed in every way. We gave it our all.

Obviously, things didn’t work out as we had hoped. The pending litigation has made it very hard for our company to raise the financing that we needed to continue bringing you our exciting services. Even after filing for Chapter 11 protection, we continued bringing you Scour Exchange for as long as we could, while still trying to work out a resolution for the benefit of all.

The future of Scour Exchange technology is bright. We are certain that the right suitor will come along – and a few highly qualified companies have already approached us – that would bring the power of peer-to-peer file sharing technology to a new level.

Thanks for your support during this past year – we really value your loyalty and we are glad to have given you the ability to experience our service. Let’s hope that we have a chance to help you again in the coming year.

Scour’s other services are still up and running and available at, so enjoy!

The Scour Team

good, it sucked hard!