Scour bankrupt

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LOS ANGELES – Scour Inc., a high-profile Internet entertainment service whose investors include Hollywood agent Michael Ovitz, said on Thursday it has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, becoming…

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Man, I hope not! Scour is the only way I can download dc games on my poor 56k!!

I hope they stay.
I like Scour better than Napster.
P pp ppp please don’t kill me for that Napster lovers.

Leave Scour & Napster alone you f!@#wits at RIAA, etc. and go back to what you do best playing with yourselves…

Look guyz don’t worry, like i said before the RIAA took another down so a billion more to go. They don’t have all the money in the world, but the world knows about the Napster like programs, so who’s gonna get bankrupt in the end?? Keep on sewing RIAA, cause i would like to celebrate YOUR bankruptcy!!!

They aren’t in any trouble…Dont you get it? If they file for bankruptcy, they cant be sued…