Scottish pirates given amnesty day to visit DVD shredder



I just posted the article Scottish pirates given amnesty day to visit DVD shredder.

According to new research, more people in Scotland have purchased a pirated DVD movie than others in the UK. For this reason, there has been a program put in place, that would allow…

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why would anyone in their right mind give away a non drm’d copy of a movie for a copy that is loaded with drm and and other potential problems? Ph yeah the whole touchy feeling goodness of doing what is right…


ooo, wonder what dvd they were being given! i’d take all my scratched and crap dvds and get a nice new official dvd :slight_smile:


There’s no indication that it’s done in trade. Just that they’re giving the genuine movies away to get people to show up (while supplies last sort of thing). The more people show up, the more they anecdotal evidence they have that piracy is up. Even if some of those people never pirated anything, and just showed up for the freebies. Even if they do require a trade-in, I bet a lot of the people showing up will be trading in stuff like: 1. DVD-R coaster with Sharpie scrawl saying “Silent Hill 2006 Backup” – Even submitting a blank DVD, you’d likely come out ahead no matter what DVD title they were giving you. 2. Cam bootleg of some whatever movie. Some of the bootleg movies sold on street corners are real crap. It may not have DRM, but they’re definitely not something you’d keep. I’d imagine most of the stuff they get would have been destined for the landfill anyways.


And how I know if the disk I BOUGHT pirated or not ? - Nonsense.


> [I]People are leading affluent lifestyles from their illegal activities." [/I] You wouldn’t know it by looking at the dealers, would ya? :B People in studios are leading affluent lifestyles from their legal sales of DVDs, more like. The MPAA wouldn’t have the money it weilds without your support.


I’d make sure I backed up the new official films - just in case my girlfreind accidently sold them on ebay:)