Scotland Yard: We've arrested LulzSec spokesman

The Metropolitan Police’s Central e-Crime Unit arrested a 18-year-old at an address in Scotland’s remote Shetland Islands, the force said in a statement. His name wasn’t released, but police said he was believed to be “Topiary,” one of LulzSec’s most prominent members.

Too bad he’s just a kid. Will probably crack under pressure.

Unfortunately the Murdock scandals doesn’t spell well for Scotland yard now that they are now mired in this upcoming scandals. I think they will have to answer for their own crimes they committed before this kid will have to answer. It’s funny how they will arrest this kid but will not arrest their own for making the Murdock scandals… Don’t anyone see the hypocritical arrest in this time and day how they arrest someone but not their own for this phone hacking crime which is just damaging as the lulzsec hacking???