SCMS - what is it and how does it affect burning?

Can anyone explain what SCMS is to me? In simple terms preferably :wink:

SCMS stands for ‘Serial Copy Management System’ and affects standalone CD Audio burners only. If a CD Audio burner is SCMS compliant/enabled, it will refuse to record on anything but CD-Rs marked as ‘CD-R Audio’. It has little or anything to do with CD-Burners drives in PCs as these generally don’t have SCMS implemented. :wink:

Have a look at
General Information-

Disabling SCMS on Tascam CD-RW700-

Thats great thanks for the info.

I have a Philips MC-90 - its one of these all in one combos - i was wondering if the SCMS could be the reason it only records in real time from Protected discs - yets burns unrecorded ones at full speed ( ok i know its only 2 speed).