Scientist Advocates Killing 90% of Earth's Population



Interesting read and a real eye opener. Link

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Good read! I wonder who his favored 10% would be, all the scientific experts such as himself.? I’m afraid the 5 billion corpses lying around would spread enough diease to finish off his favored few. People who think they can play God scare the hell out of me!


The part that disturbed me the most was that he received a standing ovation after his presentation. Did you look at his obituary? That’s one sick puppy.


Yea, and considering that he got a standing ovation there’s a lot more where he came from! :eek:


Lol, the painful death seems a bit harsh … but Hell, I reckon we could wrap 90% of the worlds population up in a burrlap bag with a brick & drop em in the river & the world would be a better place :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course, I’ve mentally drawn the divide between the 10% & 90% and included myself in the former :wink:


Too wordy … dumb people have more kids, earlier in their life.
Smart people have less kids later in life …

ergo; the human race is on average getting dumber and therefore is spiralling down a whirlpool of death.

I can see his point, if I do disagree with the methods.

The human race’s downfall will be a disease, but it won’t be ebola … it will be called TB :slight_smile:


it will be called TB


“human overpopulation is ruining the Earth. The sharp increase in human population since the beginning of the industrial age is devastating the planet”.

Can’t argue with that one. Ever notice we are on a finite spinning ball that is very quickly running out of things. Sure don’t need anymore.


Is this for real or another April Fool’s joke???


Who cares: The topic was true enough.


Wow…have you ever seen film of someone dying of Ebola…not pretty, I assure you. No one deserves to die like that.


I nearly posted the same thing, but Stroppy beat me to it. All I’ll contribute to this thread, is: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

You can probably tell, I’m not in a serious frame of mind today!


Tony Blair?

And hey, the guy is from Texas…


Tony Blair?
LOL :slight_smile:

But since we are on the subject, it does seem like we are expanding llike i virus would doesnt it?


Read the link and you’ll realize this is no April Fool’s joke. The guy is serious.


Better start building your underground bunkers.
Looks like the end is near…


If we play with the horrible thought a bit, if this guy gets what he wants (maybe by building a freak cult or something) and then we assume Hitler went to hell for his crimes, where will Pianka go?

I really, really hope he is only fishing for attention. But it is still extremely unnerving to see scientists, supposedly open-minded, bright people, applauding this. If I were head of this university, I’d issue a public apology on behalf of the faculty real quick.


TB = tuberculosis

Have you seen the recent movie “The Constant Gardener”? The information expressed therein in regards to TB are not alarmist, they are factual.

Robert Heinlein, perhaps the best known of all science fiction writers, often expressed the opinion that overpopulation was the bane of modern existence. But his answer was to spread into space, not to annihilate 90% of the population. I like his answer a lot better than the one given by this quack.


Lol. Yes TB = Tuberculosis.

Will very quickly cull the sick, the weak and the elderly … and we’re back to to just 60% of the earths population, perhaps less.

Humans are spreading like a virus … hell, when god said “go forth & multiply”, he didn’t mean like blooming locusts!

Shortly we’ll run out of other species of creatures to eat & start cannibalising eachother, like the morlocks in “The time machine”.

Smart people will retreat underground to avoid the virus catastrophe, leaving the strong, but dumb, to survive above ground … and incestuously interbreed with their siblings until they’re all halfwits & the morlock feast can begin :slight_smile:



Never heard of him, but he’s right anyway.

A good idea. I’m surprised that a scientist actually proposed a near-genocide of the human race instead of finding new solutions.
Besides, If we kill of 90% of the population & only leave the smart people … who’s gonna sweep the streets, clean the dunny and run/fix the tractors?


It would be a bit more sane imposing a limit on the number of children you are allowed to have like china did… rather than killing everyone