Scientific atlantic phone modem hacked

Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew how someone could hack my phone. My phone goes through my cable provider hence I have a phone modem. I was hearing clicks on my line for weeks and new what it was from a former BF tapping our home line. I had some fun with it until one day when I blurted out while on the phone, that it was being tapped. The person logged off immdtly and hasn’t come back ever again, well no more clicks, who knows? I believe the person was my landlord. He knew everything about my life right own to when my dog got a bath. He lived downstairs, his son works for the cable company. Is is as simple as him getting into my line from wires on the outside of the house? Could he have been using his computer? I’m really dumb when it comes to the technical stuff. If anyone can help it would be appreciated. I have to go to court with this loser and trying to get some proof of the hack.

Thanks Leessa