Sci-Fi world

What creature/thing/alien would to be if Sci-Fi was for real?

The man of Seven of Nine

The black pool of tar of course. Die, Lt. Yar! :bigsmile:

Ooooh tentacles! Nodobdy can resist them!

can’t say any of the creatures would be real even if Sci-Fi were real, except maybe Duck Bodgers (oops! That’s Buck Rogers).

There’s an outside chance the stuff in Star Trek could be real enough, since there was some actual science behind it, like in the transporters (The Heisenberg compensators for the Heisenburg Uncertainty Principle) and warp drive (scientists knew about antimatter for a while now), for example.

@ Airhead

Hm. Sounds like you’d love having a pet octopus, then. Go down to the local pet store and see if they have any, with an aquarium large enough to put one in. :wink: Then instead of having pages eat people’s brains, you can throw unruly people in the aquarium with your pet and have it eat their brains. LOL

What do you feed a pet octopus apart from brains? Also, I think it might escape.

Shapeshifter … Im a Klingon .. No Im a Vorlon … No Im a Betazoid ... HEHE Now Im just a chair


Do you know my name pathetic earth creature?

I would wanted to be a big robottic thing with lots of jaws and tentacles and the face of airy’s avatar.

Creepy stuff.

Btw, I haven’t been here for so long that I’ll have to change my own avatar. Nah… Changed my mind.

I’ll just live it that way.

i wanna be predator like the movie

Predators are really ugly once you take off the mask.

They eat live octopus in parts of the world. One man choked on one as the suction cups got it stuck in his throat. It’s quite dangerous I hear :eek:

Shapeshifter, like Odo on StarTrek DeepSpace 9. I always wanted to be a champaign bucket :wink:

tenticles mmmmmm 8 hands are better than 2

Buck Rogers Yo!

There is a funny thinig with Sci-Fi … if you translate it norwegian it becomes "Vitenskaplig Tull / Oppspinn " ( airhead this is for you … arent you living in Tullingen :smiley: :bigsmile: :iagree: ) , but if you then translate that back to english it becomes scientific bullshit !!! LOL :eek: