Sci-Fi wordt binnenkort realiteit?

Soldiers to Get Power Armor?

A company called Sarcos is developing a mechanical exoskeleton that would basically act as a power armor for soldiers, allowing them to carry up to 400 pounds without effort.

The armor is being built on the belief that warfare in the future will be more urban, requiring soldiers to run up stairs or jump from rooftop to rooftop. “We want to give our troops at least a two-horsepower augmentation of strength and endurance.”

The exoskeletons also have non-military uses, like allowing the elderly and paraplegics a full range of motion. Scientists believe they will be a reality within five years.

Bron: ShortNews

Ik ga dit niet helemaal vertalen, iedereen snapt het wel (toch?).

Het lijkt wel iets uit de (manga)films. Wanneer komt de eerste Mecha?

Zolang ze The Guyver maar niet gaan na bouwen. Of die gast uit Tekwar.

Originally posted by Mr. Belvedere
Zolang ze The Guyver maar niet gaan na bouwen.
Vond ik wél een gerse serie! :slight_smile: