Schumi wins, but was it the greatest season of all time?

Well, as above. Post your opinions.

Here’s mine:

Piece of sh*t Williams, just when Montoya is starting to shape up for a good race it fails (they think it was hydraulics this time).

Anyway congrats to Schumi on his 6th world championship (did you see the cap?).

(BTW (in case you didn’t notice) I’m biased towards Montoya/Williams)

We all know that F1 has just had a tremendous season, but was it the greatest ever? It is certainly the greatest I’ve ever seen (started watching in 1997), but have you seen better?

Schumi is still a german as well as Michael Jackson still black. :wink: /gs.

Does nobody have an opinion on this? LOL

I am more of a Montoya kind of guy, nevertheless Schumi is one of the best drivers, he deserves what he’s got me thinks … i still dislike him though :stuck_out_tongue:

You don’t have to post about Schumi. (I’m a Montoya fan myself). You can post about anything this season.

hey chris…im back…

dont fret…not too many f1 fans on this board …me thinks

it certainly was the best season since 200o…
cause 98,99 were more exciting i think…(mika is my hero)
and so was 94 …when MS won the 1st first time

i like ms (cause he’s a good racer but no match for Mika in a good car) but i fukin hate ferrari…

men to cause an upset next year.KR,JPM,Alonso

I didn’t expect this from Schumi(s),,2-2003471498,00.html

I’d have done worse things if i were him celebrating my 6th cup :wink:

THIS and this were real Formula 1 drivers./gs.

Man, Schumi must have got some huge bills.