Schoolboy nabbed for Internet music piracy



I just posted the article Schoolboy nabbed for Internet music piracy.

After napster they going after the little kids…

HONG KONG, China – A 14-year-old computer whizkid has been arrested in Hong Kong for distributing copyrighted pop songs on the Internet for free…

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What could I say… Don’t leave marks… Don’t be stupid (I quess that he wasn’t but still he get cought…) And don’t be stupid… :8


That’s rediculous…In Holland the legal age to get arrested is 14 and up. So what’s next arrest all the kids of 14+ in piracy which is probably more then 60% (Most of them heard of Napster and others)…


bad luck. next time use anonymous proxy servers to register, connect and upload your stuff.


whizkid? “This was not something an ordinary person could have done” ?? Come on, if he really was a Whizkid, he wouldn’t get caught. My cousin of 7 already can do it, hell, even my granny can.


“This was not something an ordinary person could have done,” Ho said. What the hell is he smoking? How hard is it to run a ftp site. Yee wiz. There standard must be low in tech. It’s like saying they are whiz because they can use chopsticks. :4


I never knew my 12 year old cousin is also a Wizzkid, because he runs a FTP! :+