School spies on students with laptop webcams

School spies on students with laptop webcams.

[newsimage][/newsimage]A Pennsylvania school is being sued for loaning laptops to students and using their Web cameras to spy on kids at home.

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I guess Apple could use that technology:

Although I’ve hear reports of anti-theft features in the more expensive models that work the same as this high school’s laptops

Did ya ever notice this in the ‘Flash’ settings?

Wonder why ‘Flash’ would need a microphone or your web-cam? :eek:

Reminds me of that action movie "Eagle Eye I watched when it was in iMax cinemas. “The system” was able to eavesdrop and monitor everything people were saying trough microphones of cell phones.

Guess Big Brother’s not only “watching” you…

The Duke would pay big money to see some of those MILFs caught on cam in compromising situations.