School Boy Error?

Just started backing up my DVD collection and have encountered a problem. I’m using DVD Shrink 3.2 and Copy2DVD on to backup “The Original Adventures of Superted” and I’m getting the following error “write error at 0 (16) - code 00 00 00 [no sense information]”

I’ve recently purchased 50 blank DVD-R’s (RiDisc) ones.

Am I paying the price for being a tight arse? :confused:

Could well be, RiDisc aren’t the best (putting it very kindly)! You could try some other media.

I’ve never had that error (I just use Shrink, most of the time), so it could be something else, which hopefully someone else knows about!


Anyone want to buy 43 RiDisc DVD-R’s? :sad:

Hey, just put it down to experience - I (and many others) bought quite a few Ritek (the people who make RiDisc) G05 DVD-Rs, only to have them turn to trash within weeks! :frowning:

It’s a pain in the arse, but hang around the Blank Media forum, it’s a goldmine of good info! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice. Guess Superted and Bananaman will have to wait until I can get some decent media.

You’re never too old for a bit of nostalgia :bigsmile:

Check here for some great media but at a low price. I have 200 of these right now and have gone through alot more and not one coaster.

Actually I found the RiDisc Extremes (G05) that I recently completed using were very good in my LG burner. Whether they’ll be readable in 12 months time is anyone’s guess.

I think it’s important to know exactly what the Media ID is and what burner & firmware release you’re using before out-of-hand blaming the media.

I’d suggest the best way to burn would be DVD Shrink to create an image & then burn the image with ImgBurn (free). This does give a log of sorts which you could then post back here.

Absolutely :iagree: Which is why I said it “could be something else”, before I went off on one about Ritek (one of my pet subjects recently, I’m afraid). :bigsmile:

Could be lots of problems! burns are affected by==

  1. FW
  2. Media
  3. Burn speed
  4. Burn software and updates
  5. System memory
  6. System setup
  7. Burner
  8. encryption of disk!

Suggestion! try Fabdecrypter to your HD and then use Shrink and auto burn into Nero .18 or earlier(not the current version) or Decrypter! Set you burn speed at 8X. Set your nero and any other buffers at max and disk space at max in the setup function of your burning software!