Schiavo case

Should the tubes remain removed and Terry Schiavo be allowed to die from starvation and dehydration? Would it be more humane if she were given a lethal injection? Should tubes be placed back into her?

Schiavo case

No, let the woman pass away in peace.

As an ex nurse i have seen many people suffer…if she has no quality of life and wishes to die then she should be allowed to do so with dignity, support and the love of her family around her, unfortunatly there are all sorts of legal issues with such a death, and it must be hard enough already for her family,the experts have already said that she will NOT recover and although its not about cost, the money could be spent on saving somone who can be saved. I wish the family well and hope that she has a peacefull death

Let her rest.

The fact is would you keep a dog alive in that condition? so why a human?, do the family want to keep her alive for her or for themselves? i think anybody with half a brain can work that one out, however starving somebody to death and treating her like some kind of toy is disgusting and having the tube removed and replaced numerous times is pretty shocking, let her go.

Away with the tubes and save 50 other patients each year on her hospital bed.

i hate to be an asshole, but i think its a little late for that :frowning:

yeah… Please kill her!

Where there is life there is hope. Although there seems to be very little hope in this case. Very sad :sad:

I must admit that I really don’t know what her condition truly is. I have heard so many conflicting statements that I don’t think that I can believe anything anymore. If all higher brain function has ceased and she is just a breathing lump of flesh (I am hardly much more :wink: ), then let her go (but via starvation?). Also, if she truly is brain dead, I don’t understand why the husband simply doesn’t sign over custody to the parents and just walk away.