Scheme of circuit

Hi all, anyone in this forum have a scheme of this circuit? Ty.

Which one? There’s three different circuits there…

Hi uk1and, for example I want scheme of the first circuit. You got for this? Ty.

Is it some sort of S-Video to RGB converter?

No I think is a RFID

I think you’ve been warned about this by moderator Geno888. Something about RFID being illegal. I’m awaiting advise about this thread from Geno so I can decide whether to close it or not.

I already closed [U]both[/U] your thread in Italian Forum because RFID circuitry is used almost exclusively for illegal stuff like cloning satellite cards, and such questions are against the Forum rules.

I also already asked you to send me more details about what do you want to do exactly via Private Message, but I’m still waiting for your answer. Are you trying to find some hacking tricks also in the international section of the forum? :rolleyes:

I’m closing this thread for now.

If you get a satisfactory response from caligola then I can always reopen it.