Scheduling Satellite Program Recording?

I just purchased a DMR-ES35V Recorder. Is is possible to schedule the recording of satellite programs? It does not appear that I can. :frowning: Anyone else with Direct TV and using this or similar recorder?

I don’t have a DMR-ES35V but do use a DMR-ES15 with a DirecTV receiver. That receiver, a 3yr old RCA DRD486RH, does have an IR Blaster that controlled my VCR for scheduled recordings, but it won’t control the ES15. Therefore I create two schedules, one in the receiver to set the DirecTV channel and one in the ES15 to set the record times. Not fancy but it works.

In my case I don’t use schedules that much. If I did I’d have got a DVR and pay the monthly service fee for the privilege of receiving the program guide.

Great suggestion. I will try that. I typically don’t want to record TV programs but the exception may be 24; one of the few TV programs I actually enjoy. Thanks again!

Upgrade to a DVR satellite box, you’ll be thrilled with it. Usually there’s a free or very cheap upgrade package available. You can record tons of stuff, and only transfer to DVD what you really want to keep. It’s ridiculously simple to schedule a recording from the program guide, and you can even set it to record weekly or even every single instance of that program. Not to mention being able to record one program while watching another.

We just bought a DMR-EZ27 dvd recorder and I cannot get it to work. We have an RCA Scenium TV that has a DVD built in and we have a Direct TV DVR hooked up to it. I followed Panasonic’s instructions -hooking up the a/v cables from the recorder to the Direct TV box and also to the TV - as the instructions show. I want to be able to record from the DVR and the TV but worse case scenario, I would be happy if it would just record from the DVR. The a/v cables are hooked up to the TV’s a/v video 1 outlets. I have audio and vidoe but the picture is a combination of what is on TV, the set-up menu from the recorder and when I put a DVD in the recorder, the main menu from the dvd. Anyone have a clue? I bought this recorder because it was supposedly easy to set-up…not.

In the scheduling menu you must specify the input you have connected to the Panasonic, i.e., if your connection is IN 1 use that as your recording channel. If your connection is IN 2 use that as your recording channel. While I have DMR-ES30V, DMR-ES35V, DMR-ES15 machines that may not have the same scheduling procedures as yours I have found that whatever channel or input you’ve been watching with the Panasonic will appear as the default channel or input when you select the Schedule menu.

You get a menu from a DVD-R or DVD+R only if it has been finalized. I do not use RW DVDs.

I cannot even get to the scheduling screen as I cannot even get past the screen that asks what language to use. No matter what combo I use - choosing Video1/Input1 - the picture is messed up. It seems like there is some issue with the a/v hookup - should I change the cable from the satellite so that one goes into the recorder? The set-up instructions do not show that I have to do that but I am an amateur with this stuff.

You should be recording directly from the source. In this case that would be the sat box. Most sat boxes do output from all connections at the same time, so you might use one connect (HDMI) for the TV and another connect for the recorder (SVideo). Be aware that SVideo and composite connects are not 16:9 and are not HD. So if you are trying to record HD content, the sat box setting may need to be adjusted to get the correct aspect ratio on the image. If you don’t have a HD sat box, then use the component connect for the TV, and SVideo for the recorder. Obviously, you also need to have the audio connected.

[QUOTE=Bmosbacker;1645568]I just purchased a DMR-ES35V Recorder. Is is possible to schedule the recording of satellite programs? It does not appear that I can. :frowning: Anyone else with Direct TV and using this or similar recorder?[/QUOTE]

For the EH50s and EH75vs, you can use the IR blaster (g-link). works well with Directv scheduling.

Otherwise, I think you must use/set both the recorder’s scheduler_and_ the directv’s scheduler. At least that’s what I had to do before figuring out what the IR Blaster does.