Schedule tv programs to dvd/vcr



Just bought a hdtv, want to schedule recording of programs onto my Panasonic DMR-EZ47V dvd/vcr combo unit. It will not let me. Only time I can record is when I am watching program. Anybody know why?

Thank you


This is just a wild guess, are you turning the unit off? Some vcr’s have to be turned off (and they go into a stand by mode sometimes with a scheduled recordings light on for scheduled recordings to work). IF you leave the power on it won’t record.


As far as I know, most Dvd recorders don’t have scheduling abilities. They can only record what is currently playing. If your recorder didn’t come with some sort of scheduling software and have tuners, you won’t be able to schedule recordings…


it does have scheduling software.


[B]@bgeyer:[/B] this looks the same problem as in this thread here:

Please let’s keep it all in that one thread from now on. Thanks :slight_smile:

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