Scene update required



after several months away from the scene (when clone cd underground went down) I have returned, This time i have managed to pass on my trusty 4x mitsumi drive for an all singing and dancing 40x liteon, WOW!! what a difference.

since i left the scene there seems to have been a few changes to CCD and the latest safedisk protection.

Can anyone answer the following questions to bring me up to date:

1) do i still need to tick FES during read image for safe disk 2.51? are there any other requirements for this protection?

2)what is the best copy protection detection software?

3)CCD 4 is it better than version 3?

4)is there any other info. that i may not be aware of?

Hope you guys can help, once i'm fully up to speed again I'll be back to this forum to pass on any info that i can.


1.) Yes you still need FES enabled to back up this protection.
2.)I am still useing ClonyXXl I believe the version number is.
3.)Yes I would say that it is and it is a little easier to use with the copy profiles.
4.) There is no need to amplify weak sectors with Lite-On drives, and before you say that a back up is not working make sure that you try to run the original cd’s first. Some of the newer games require DirectX 8.1 and wont even install if this version is not on the system.

I hope that this helps you out.