Scene Repeat glitch on Star Wars I, III, III

I’ve been backing up my Star Wars DVD collection and run into a strange problem with all 3 of the “newer” Episodes I, II, III, and also with Ep. V [empire strikes back, special edition].

Here’s the quirk: With each of these discs the first few seconds of chapter 3 [the very beginning of the movie proper after the intro story scrolls by] repeats 3 times, then the movie plays as it should. This seems to be a ripping error as the repeat is present when playing the movie files straight off the hard drive, not just on the burned DVD.

Any clue what is causing this? I’ve backed up many movies but this repeat glitch has only happened on Star Wars titles, and it’s always at the same spot in each movie. I’m using AnyDVD and 1Click DVD Copy Pro 2.4.x.x. I’m also in the habit of running FixVTS on all rips to clean things up, but it has no effect on this.

Try updating your 1ClickDVDCopyPro to just released. Let us know, what mode are you using? Try full disc with compression and see what happens.

Did have version, updated to xxx.8, ripped Episode II again [it had the longest, most annoying repeat] in full dvd mode and the repeat is still there.

I think this might be an issue with angles on the discs. All 3 newer episodes have 3 angles available [one for each language], and the repeat happens 3 times. There are also 3 different opening scenes that lead in to 3 different versions of the main menu. Each time you start to play the original disc you get one at random. Cyberlink PowerDVD [latest version] hangs for a bit when first opening any of these discs, and 1Click definitely has trouble doing it’s initial “scan” before the ripping starts.

Absolutely - you have inevitably ripped and removed the PUops. So the player thinks I’ll just play on. Probably stuffed the cell flags, too.

One easy thing to try is to take your rip and load it in PgcEdit. Ensure you obtain the Prohibited User Operations plugin (on the site), unzip it and copy it to the plugins subfolder of PgcEdit.

Then from the menu: Plugins - Prohibited User Ops - Selectively clear VOB PUOps.

Accept the defaults (this will set the angle change PUOp in the VOB) and try again in a software player.