Scene busts

Now, from what I have read about the DoD busts in various places, they would have us believe that DrinkOrDie was a top group in the “warez scene.”
My research has shown me that DoD was merely 12th overall (measuring by kilobytes) for the 2001 calendar year. (Some 392 releases from Jan 01 to December 10, and some 11 million kilobytes…)

They added in an Associated Press release that these members of the “warez cell” were probably also responsibe for releasing new movies such as “Harry Potter” and “Monsters Inc.”
Correct me if I am wrong, but DoD was a 0day group, and not a Divx/VCD/TS/Screener group… (?)

Also this AP report stated that to this point (we will assume Wednesday morning at 1AM) no arrests in the United States have been made.
YET, we are told, top brass at several IT corporations, staff, students and faculty at Duke, Purdue, MIT and other prestigious universities, AND breathe government officials were involved in this “warez scene”. We are paying WHO? For WHAT?

Ok, ok, I see their point, “warez is bad, m’kay?” BUT, I cannot afford to purchase all the software that I would like to have. What, you say? Then do without? But why, when I can download it for free? Why should I do without? I can just ask around, and have it five minutes later. Hey man, you got Photoshop 6? Cool, thanks.

Who’s out the cash here? No way could I afford Photoshop 6. Or probably even 4 for that matter. /me surfs over to a reputable software reseller
Adobe Photoshop 6.0 – Adobe; Windows 98 / NT / 2000 / Me
Our Price: $609.99

WHAT THE HELL?! That would put gas in my car for an ENTIRE YEAR!!! That’s more than I spent on this entire computer! (Yes, it will run it nicely.)

My point here is this: Those of us who cannot afford to buy software still have a need for it. Now, if I could turn a profit with some other means, I would definitely purchase software if it were being used by my business.

But if I wanna download Photoshop 6 (I didn’t Mr. Ashcroft, I swear!) to attach a penis to the aforementioned attorney general’s face, I’m gonna do it.

Ok, I’m digressing again. I haven’t slept in two days, so let me wrap this up and curl up into a coma:

I have an audio cd collection numbering upwards of 2000 albums, all original bought in a store or from the above reputable reseller. Now, back in 1990 when cds were still comsidered a relative novelty, we were all thinking, “why should I spend that much more money for what I can get on tape?” We were promised then (I will find this quote for anyone who is interested) that once the cost of manufacturing had been made back, the prices would come down.
Average price for a cd back then: $15.
Average price now: $18
Inflation? Nope. That would only bring it up to $15.66

I dont know about you people, but I have better things to spend my money on, like taxes, for one… And insurance for my vehicle, for another. Luxuries? Sorry, can’t afford those.

They have one problem. the spirit between the people who are into warez will not leave. Warez will be always available. No fucking america law will destroy that. Now everything is public, but with this new law america made, evrything will go very down under. Only the elite know where to get it.:slight_smile:

So, America, fuck you with your new law. :Z

I only read the last piece in your text xeno_signal, but I admit; U’ve done your work :smiley:
Prices should be much lower then they are now :frowning: It’s 2 bad the prices where gone UP instead of DOWN :frowning:

Reasons they give: people copy 2 much. Reasons consumers give: Prices r 2 high… …They will never listen 2 us I guess…