pardon my ignorance but i am very new to this torrent thing. i am currently downloading a torrent that appears to have a boatload of ‘scatter-tbd’ files. what are these? what do i do with them?

sorry but this fourm will not answer any questions to this because torrents are illegal…please stop downloading them and dont name them in this fourm again… Imkidd57 probably will delete this but i might be wrong.

@RuffRyder93: Torrents can be legal or illegal just like downloading from a webpage can be legal or illegal. It depends on what you download.

We cannot help with any illegally downloaded content, but discussions of legal downloads are acceptable. We even have a dedicated forum for such discussions:
Music Download, Peer to Peer (P2P) & Legal Issues
@bmillerponcho: Regarding the scatter-tbd files I have no idea.

Unlikely to be a legal download, going by the results from google…but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt…for now. Since you have agreed to our rules when sigining up here, you don’t need to be told again what will happen if this is an illegal download.

the files prbably have different extensions, starting with .r**
Use winrar to extract them.