Scathing review of Ritek cd-rs from

**From Computer magazine issue #89, february 1999 ** (added by Francksoy)

(May be old news to some members.) Very different than the opinions expressed on this thread which I started recently:

The reason I have taken so much interest in Ritek cd-r media is:

A. It’s so much less expensive than TY
B. According to majority of members from my experiences on this site it is 2nd best brand of cd-r
& C. According to majority of members from my experiences on this site is has an even better reputation for longevity & durability than TY, which are my #1 concern when deciding which brand of cd-r media to purchase

Any thoughts?

I think quite a few ppl here think Ritek cdr is ok. It’s been discussed a few times already. Personally i’d rather pay a little more - oh wait :wink: pastels aren’t that expensive these days. Anyway i buy TY or Verbatim and i always have some F-- Grade media to use as portable disc so i don’t need Ritek in my room. The day TY fail me i promise i’ll reconsider :slight_smile:

A lot has changed since that article over at cdmediaworld was written… it’s so outdated it ought to be removed if you ask me. Kodak quit the media business how long ago, 6 years?

Riteks cd-r media was pretty bad back then, while TY, Mitsui and Kodak (not neccesarily in that order) was considered the best. But things change.

That article may be old, but it is still accurate when it comes to RITEK being not-so-good (maybe one of the worst, along with CMC).

It also provides a good window into history. For whatever crazy reason, back in 2004 or so, people thought RITEK was one of the best media, some sort of really good company. The truth was the DVD media was only mildly decent, and an overall fluke from a company long-known for it’s garbage. Only recently, with their return to garbage quality, have people started to see the light.


RITEK, Prodisc, and CMC make some of the more consistant CD-R discs at this point in time. If you want the worst CD-Rs, look for anything made in Hong Kong or China. Unfortunately, it seems that standards have also dropped at Taiyo Yuden Japan and their products are not as good as they once were.


I’ve never had problems with Maxell branded Ritek nor Ridata CD-Rs.

Sounds interesting since CMC is the F-Grade i mention and i didn’t see the degradation with TY cdr/dvdr. If TY has ever been better… i can’t imagine since it’s almost perfect now. (Or perhaps my monthly flow are very old batches) :slight_smile:

A review from [B]1999?[/B] :doh: :eek:

Seriously, It doesn’t help anyone to post 7 years old sources in the field of media (except for historical interest). It’s only misguiding, unless the source is an article covering technical aspects of CDRs, as these haven’t changed since. But any [I]quality testing[/I] of [I]different media/brands[/I] can be 100% outdated in a couple of years.

Most of the regulars here know very well that Ritek CDRs were pure crap back then. Things have changed a lot and Ritek [I]CDRs[/I] are now excellent and a very good alternative to TY/MXL/MCC. Their DVDRs, on the other hand… uh. :disagree: The +R can be OK, but the -R are better to be avoided.

The reason is that G04 media has been among the best available 4X media for about a year, before things went downhill somewhere mid-2004 from a sudden decrease in quality control at Ritek. I still have here some G04 blanks from that time, and they still give most excellent burns up to @8X. Also these were maybe the most compatible media ever produced in terms of readability. Actually they are accepted by some of my friend’s picky standalones that reject even TY media. :eek:

Nowadays, with all the bad experiences I’ve had with more recent G04 (bought after september 2004) and with many G05, I wouldn’t let any Ritek DVDR near my burner… :bigsmile:

I’ve never had an issue with Ritek, CMC, or MBI CD-R media up to this point. I’m still amazed at some of the issues that people seem to have with CD-R media, about the only CD-R media I’ve ever had issues with have been Plasmon, which are just incredibly cheap media to begin with - and even then I get usable results with 90% of them (though I don’t trust them long-term). I sometimes wonder what kind of conditions some of the failed discs were kept in or what their initial burn quality was. Given decent handling and storage, CD-Rs are usually a piece of cake to get successful results out of in comparison to DVD media.

:iagree: Same feeling here. Only problems I ever had were with el-cheapo discs.

Given decent handling and storage, CD-Rs are usually a piece of cake to get successful results out of in comparison to DVD media.
Same experience here. I don’t let my CDRs lying around the desk out of their cases… :wink: I guess it’s also a burner thing. I’ve ben using Plextor CDR burners since 1998, maybe it made a difference. :slight_smile:

Really, if you look around, you can find good cheap disks. If you look here you can see people selling a pack of 100 ty disks, for £20.99 ($36.93). Thats 21p a disk. Or if you want to get more for your money, verbatim disks 100 for £13.50 ($23.75).

I bought the scribbles and some Fuji (all CMC id) burned them as i always do put them in a sleeve take them out and play them loud. 3/4 had errors and didn’t play back well, ie skips - and never used them again for myself ;). All the same conditions that always work with TY and even Ritek. Since i’m testing with an audience it’s pretty frustrating when the cds don’t play right so i’d rather take no chances. I learned my lesson :o

(On the other hand i just got 300 CMC AF1 by mistake but they seem to be brilliant in all my burners except the Benq. First CMC disc i actually trust :confused: )