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I posted a topic on this a while back, but it’s turns out different and is very scary let alone freak of nature!

My mum and dad are blood group (A), “I am O Rh NEGATIVE so I thought!” I checked me me little National Blood record that I have started too carry around at all times, as I am shocked when I read that i am blood group (O Rh D Negative) one the worlds most rarest blood groups, even a nurse said that is a very strange group she has never heard of that :confused:

My dad doesn’t know if I am his ? Even I don’t know who I am anymore :frowning:

Blood group O Rh D Negative is near impossible, how the hell did I end up with it? :eek:

Relax, the O Rh (D) Negative blood group is exactly the same as O Rh NEGATIVE. See Blood Group Basics.

It’s not impossible, nothing has changed, and yes this is one of the less common blood groups (7% of the population). It is also a very special blood type that allows you to be a universal donor. See O Negative Blood.

You have the ability to save lives with your blood. You’re in good company, for I also have O negative blood. :wink:

It is entirely possible and common for both parents with type A blood to have a child with type O. It’s simply a matter of genetic combinations. Type O is recessive, but if both parents have the AO combination, if the O is passed by both parents the child will be OO, or type O.
See Blood Type Genetics.

Lighten up, give your Dad a kiss and tell him that all of this concern is just nonsense. Tell him you know he is your real Dad. :bigsmile:

tell him that all of this concern is just nonsense. Tell him you know he is your real Dad.


Man, I have no idea what kinda blood type I have since I rarely visit the doc and don’t donate blood. About the only time I check in is after major accidents where I nearly kill myself.

Hope I don’t have type AB-, 'cause people will probably kill me for it.

BTW, slap your pops around a bit and tell him to stop fooling around. Of course you’re his son… unless your mum’s… ok, nm.

This thread is closed, it is going no where and will only leave yourself (intercept) open for insult.