Scary problem

I have just watched half of region 2 backup of scary movie 4. The sound is totally out of time with the vision? Thats a new one for for me!

Please post more information about what you are using maineman posted a suggested list in the “[B]Read First[/B] For Help” Thread.


Have now downloaded trial version of 3. Which claimed to make a perfect backup of scary 4. I was using, as mentioned in previous post had no luck with yours,mine&ours at all, will try tomorrow with 3 just for the hell of it. From what I’ve seen, can’t wait for 3 to go official! Fengtao have done all I have hoped for and more! Has anyone used 3 yet to back up to a psp. At the mo all I have is a piddling little 32 mg memostick, have ordered 1 gb to use for just this purpose!

Have solved this problem, the scart was lose on the DVD player.