Scary Movie 4 Audio Problems

I recently got Scary Movie 4 from a torrent site as a DVD image file which plays fine on the PC but when I burn onto DVD and play on standalone player, the sound is all garbled like it’s under water or something! I have burnt hundreds of DVDs using Nero and DVD Decrypter but just can’t seem to figure this one out. Any ideas would be appreciated.


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Try CloneDVD to burn the image to a DVD.
Have you tried another standard DVD player to see if that works?
What is the extention of the DVD file? You can buy the Philips DVD Player
in the store that can play lots of formats it supports:
Mpeg /avi even wma.

oi… im pretty sure your not allowed to discuss this topic any further if it is blatently obvious that it is an illegal download.

I am sorry, I didn’t realise. Just looking for some help on the subject.

If you would’ve bothered to read the forum rules you would’ve realized. Thread closed and user warned.