Scary database containing up to 400 personal characteristics of 230 million Americans leaked

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A database with 340 million unique records of American marketing and data aggregation company Exactis have been leaked. The database contains records with information on millions of Americans including their email address, home address, age, interests and habits, and even the age and gender of their children.

I want to puke.

We all know the horses bolted from the barn and disappeared over the horizon as the barn burned to the ground long ago.
But apparently they won’t be happy until every last morsel of data about every last person on Earth is neatly packaged for sale.
Exactis: Working around the clock for the betterment of humanity, by way of profit maximization.

(“Exactis” sounds a bit too much like ”Galactus” to me.)

So what else is new…everyones is up for sale is what it looks like…This is what happens when deregulation and wanting smaller Governments leads to lack of Consumer Protection by the CPB…right… we all know whom Administration were talking about.