Scariest Movies

Seeing how Halloween is coming up and I just saw the thread of worst movies, I decided to make a thread about the scariest movies. So, what’s your favorite scary movie???

Hmm, hard one. There really arent any more truly scary movies out there. The special effects ruin it a bit. My favorite of course has to be the Shining… the perfect blend.

zombie holocaust
zombie 1 - 3
zombie flesh eater
canibal holocaust
the shining
friday the 13 part1
the omen

many movies of Dario Argento and Fulci

also try some japanese horror…if you want to be scared and sick

Really scary movies don’t exist, if you ask me. There is just one thing that I can stand on TV, and that is real surgery. Makes me puke in 10 seconds… (but that ain’t movies;))

A low budget flick from 1978. “I Spit on Your Grave”. There’s a bathtub scene where a guy gets a “John Wayne Bobbit” done on him that absolutely traumatized me.

nice one Prowler

Hmmm the low budget movies are usually scary. How about Excorsist? or the living dead movie

the living dead movies are good

night of the living dead
dawn of the living dead
day of the living dead

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My personal favourite is The Cube, a masterpiece of psicologycal terror.

The others was kinda scary, but it was psycholgically scary.

“Reanimator” has to win some kind of award for the truly sickest and twisted of all time…I love that movie.:o
“Lair of the white Worm” wins for sheer weirdness.
“The Exorcist” still holds the ‘all-time scariest’ award. If you haven’t seen the newer DVD restoration version, you should.

Dracula, by Copolla… I first saw it when I was 8 years old and I couldn’t sleep for a week… :frowning: Nice movie thought… Since that I can’t say I was really scared by any other movie. :cool:

I’d be remiss in failing to mention “Phantasm”, or “Hellraiser”. I think the first release of both of these was the best. The sequels hardly ever live up to the original.

Oh yes the Reanimator was pretty twisted, the exorcist was Scary, but the movie that actaully had me scared for days after was the first Friday the 13 th. I couldnt sleep after I saw it, I thought somebody was under my bed and was going to shove a arrow through me and the cat was going to come through the window

  1. Tron

  2. any movie with barbara streisand

  3. teenwolf

The first time i was really scared when there was a horror serie on tv.
My aunt had it taped on vhs…so i went there on my bike.

it started with a little girl, somewere in the woods. She wear a white dress and sang with a sweat voice about little sheeps.
On the ground lying next to her, there was a small sheep that she petted. But when she turned her face towards the camera, you saw the face covered by blood and the sheeps throat was bitten to pieces…

Man…that really scared me. I didn’t even remember how i got home afther that.
Still remember that part…

But if you want a recent scary movie (or sick) go and try to find Necromantia

“DoMiN8ToR’s Home Movies”, haven’t seen them, but the title alone scares the hell out of me :bigsmile:

lol…i believe you dansmug

especially the naked parts

Baby’s Day Out

Christ i pissed my pants in that film.

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