Scariest moment in gaming [may contain minor spoilers]

I am currently playing Thief 3. Or rather to say I was, until I reached a very special level… Many of you already know what level I am talking about, if you do not then I’ll tell you. It is called Shalesbridge Cradle. It is an abandoned orphanage/insane asylum. And to top it off, it has a really gothic architecture.

Now, I consider myself mentally hardened, I have seen just about every disgusting piece of the internet, and I have been unimpressed by many so called “horror-movies”. But nothing, nothing I have experienced comes even close to the absolute terror of Shalesbridge Cradle.
I have not even seen any of “them” yet. And I wouldnt have come as far as I have in the level (far as in I’m about 5% done with it I reckon) without turning up the radio and playing in bright dayligt.

What is your scariest gaming-moment so far? (If you havent yet played Thief 3, I guarantee the cradle will get to you too ;))

The first Resident Evil alone in the dark one night. The first time those things that crall along the roof come at you. Scared the shiat outta me! :eek:

I havent played Resident Evil but since they made a movie out of it I got thinking.
IMO games can be so much scarier than movies. In a game you have to make a choice, while in a movie you just sit back and let somebody else think for you.
One of the first game-scares I got must been playing Half-Life, going about my normal business crawling some pipe, and a headhugger jumps at you from the dark. (Now) that is so not scary but got me jumping back then. But in HL, at least you got bigass guns.

In Thief, I have… A letter-knife.

I am not an experienced gamer, but I remember those dark levels from Return To Castle Wolfenstein where zombies jump out of the wall. Scary! Now that I come to think of it, the first Wolfenstein was pretty scary too (I was younger back then ;)). I remember thos guys in white uniforms who shouted something like “behind” (at least it sounded like that) and then there was one standing behind you :slight_smile: Actually I’m scared pretty fast when playing games.

Back in the ol’ days i bought myself my first soundcard. The original Soundblaster ! Whee ! I was proud , i was happy and i was poor again.
Installed it in the system , hooked it up to my amplifier and fired up Wolfenstein 3d (the first one !). Walked around in the game , found the machine gun and started firing away with it.
The whole house sounded “TA TA TA TA TA !”. I think ," Cool ! " , but then my mum runs into my room , screaming ,“what the hell are you doing !?”. She thought i got hold of some real machinegun.

I laughed my ass off , sent mom away assuring her that it’s JUST a game and then i open the last door on the first level " GUTEN TAG !" … Holy fuck ! I almost fell out of my chair !

You know that game Sanitarium ? There’s this “scene” in there where a bunch of kids start singing some lyric. Very very spooky lyric. “Na na na na na na naaa…” Very very scary.

And then there’s Roberta Williams’ Phantasmagoria… which wasn’t scary , but sickening… :Z :Z

The original X-Com w/o a question, at least for me.

So right after you shoot down an alien ship, a team’s sent out to kill off or capture the surviving aliens on the crashed ship. On large and huge ships, you have to spend up to 30-60 minutes to search and clear the ship itself and area around it. The music’s crappy as hell and when you turn the corner, god damn sectoid commander jumps right out at you and blasts your face w/ some serious heavy plasma bolt. Man, that shit nearly had me crapping my pants. Aaah, yes, the good old pre mindless laser tag era.

Mine was a speccy 48k game (I think it was called Alien) it was based on the movie if I remember correctly but to cut to the chase you’d be walking around when all of a sudden a picture (if you could call it that on a speccy) would sudden appear on the screen with a screeching sound, scared the shit out of me for weeks, crap game but it really really made me jump, or for the younger generation in here it would certainly have to be the original Silent Hill, what a twisted game that is …

The scariest game i’ve played is System Shock 2.

I was trying to set an ambush on an opponent while at the same time a zombie crept behind me screaming “KILL MEEE !!!” while at the same time kept hitting me with a crowbar :a
I nearly fell of the chair and threw my earsets on the floor :bigsmile:

The first Resident Evil was scary for me. I had it on the PSX and played it in the dark. There is a scene where you walk in a hall and suddenly some dogs come jumping in through the window. I was shocked and nearly fell off my bed! The last game I played which I thought had a good horror atmosphere in it was The Suffering for the Xbox. Lots of dead people and cool monsters.

ROTFLMAO :bigsmile:

I have played Thief 1 - never got the chills with it. Maybe i should try Thief 3.
BTW if you want to see a movie thats definetely scarier than any game you’ve played just ask i’ll post a list :wink:

Asking Hemi…

When I was about 7 I got scared from the second level of Doom :stuck_out_tongue: Just the atmosphere of it. People hung up on stakes… Caccademons shooting you… (sp?)

Try “The Rape After” for starters … maybe i will post a relevant thread, lets not spoil this one.

The game that got to me and was quite recent was The Thing (neevr finished it - got stuck somewhere :frowning: )

I almost forgot to mention the 4th level on Barbie for the original NES. There was a big jump over this large tulip that really had my pulse racing.

Lol :bigsmile: