Scarface anniversery dvd widescreen on a non-wide screen TV, how to fix?



I bought the scarface anniversery dvd…i dont have a widescreen tv and it is Very wide…can you help me fix it

Like tThe properprograms and maybe some instruction

If you lke post that you will email me and email


I also need a dvd burner


Can anyone help me




patience Grasshopper. All things it it’s time and a time for all things.


So does anyone


Based on this thread:, here are the most preferable burner:

  • BenQ 1620/1640
  • NEC 3500/3520/3540
  • Plextor 716A
  • LG 4163

I have three from the above list and they all are great. Waiting for NEC 3540 hit the US market.