Scans with Plextools

I just bought the 716A. I am very pleased so far with the results.

I am having trouble with Plextools.

  1. When I try to scan for C1/C2 with an audio CD Plextools crashes.
  2. When I run a PI/PIO in SUM 8 Test for video I get no POF results. It reads zero, am I to believe that the
    whole DVD has zero POF errors, I hope so but not sure because I put the worst DVD I have with PIE errors up to 1200 and I still get a zero value for POF.

I upgraded firmware and Plextools to the newest versions.

Be sure and read the FAQ…

Regarding #2, a single POF error will most likely result in a coaster. You should be getting zero POF errors…that is unless you want a coater. :bigsmile:
PlexTools disc testing info can be found in the FAQ here

Thanks for the reply. I am new to this and I did not understand the difference between sum8 and sum1. I believe I mixed up PIE and PIF in Nero and Plextools terminology.

I still can’t get C1/C2 to work it just crashes. I have checked every connection and setting,but it still will not work.

Do you have audio discs set to play automatically (thus launching Winamp or Win CD player)? If so, try disabling it (in Plextools) and try scanning again.

Good luck

PS. Sum-1 is the “PIF” test, Sum-8 is the “PIE” test. Each are slightly different ways of determining/correcting errors on recorded DVD media.

Thanks ftp1020, I don’t have autoplay enabled. I suspect a compatability problem with my system or a problem unit.

I returned the Plextor and bought a Benq 1625.