Scans of NEC-burned discs

This is a question for Drage, or indeed anyone that owns an NEC drive.

All the DVDR media I’ve burned on it so far has these PIF spikes (shown in the two attached scans)…in the last one, you can see that these occur at calibration points.

Is this normal behaviour for NEC drives? I know nothing about them, so I’d be grateful for anything you guys can teach me :slight_smile:

Yes, this is fairly typical for newer NECs in my experience, but those spikes rarely cause a problem.
I don’t have a NEC so I don’t regularly get my hands on NEC burns though.

Yeah, I just backed up one of my new movies on a disc burned in the NEC (a CMC MAG. M01 burned at 8x) - played beautifully, so I’m not bothered about whether they’ll cause a problem (but thanks for answering :flower: ).

I started the thread mainly out of curiosity, hehe…only ever seen PIF spikes like that on certain older LiteOn drives!

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Well, I’ve had similar spikes on a slim Samsung drive (TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-L632B) too, they were causes for slowdown or even unrecoverable read errors in the Litey, but the slim drive just does very well with them! I’m avoiding that drive for DVD burning now, it seems to burn CDs better than DVDs.

EDIT: [B]Drage[/B] posted a beautiful scan of a 4551 burn with a beautiful spike before…

Makes me wonder how my new Sammy will burn…I’ll get to play with it on Friday (it’s in another PC). :slight_smile:

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The slim thing used another chipset (some MIJ thing… Sanyo?) than the normal Samsungs (Mediatek). It uses TI, Winbond and EON chips, but the big chip is unidentified… :frowning:
I think this is more a firmware issue though, as Pios with the NEC chipset are much less prone to spikes if I remember correctly.
Good luck, [B]Arachne[/B]!

[B]Arachne[/B], as [B]kg_evilboy[/B] has said this is typical of NEC burns in general and the NEC 3550…4551 in particular.

The theory says that PIF spikes at re-calibration points shouldn’t matter if they are outside of the actual data, but my BenQ DW1655 drive, my LiteOn SHW-1635S drive and my old Matshita SR-8175 DVD-ROM drive don’t “like” a lot of discs burned on the NEC 4551.

I get ugly Read Transfer tests in my LiteOn 1635S drive of some of the DVDs burned on my NEC 4551 (see this thread).

I get occasional discs with unreadable sectors such as this one, and also the following one with Read Transfer test problems that [B]kg_evilboy[/B] found:

[B]Arachne[/B], I suggest you perform Read Transfer tests of the DVDs you burn in your NEC 4551 until you’re convinced that your NEC drive produces discs that can be read in your BenQ drive. Hopefully you wont have the same problem that I have.


Haven’t got the BenQ installed, would TRTs on the 1635 be OK instead?

OMG @ kg_evilboy’s edit…that’s one big spike!

Edit: Whew, Drage, I’m glad you said to do those TRTs.

The MCC003 disc failed: "L-EC UNCORRECTABLE ERROR (031105)

The CMC MAG. M01, ironically, passed with flying colours.

Well, that’s not good! :frowning:

Nope, but funnily enough, only the 4163B in my arsenal burns those discs well. So I was kinda unsurprised, and glad I only have one left.

It’s the Verb printable variety (code is very hard to see - ZD-2343-DVR-X47B - who would be the manufacturer?).

I’ve been very disappointed with the discs.

Can’t tell from the stamper code. We need the serial number to figure that out.

OK, got it. PAHA-27IL08034491 6

Looks like CMC? That shocks me :eek:

Even they can make a bad batch now and then, they’re not godlike either. Just like TY.
Be happy that you still have working MCC 003 left. :wink:

I have 50 CMC MCC 003 and 25 Prodisc MCC 003 left and despite the cool packaging (yes, it’s much cooler than the 16x packaging and it also has “DataLifePlus” on it) they give lots of Power Calibration Errors in my Litey. :frowning:

Yup, that’s CMC alright. I’ve had some Mitsubishi branded MCC003 (supposedly good quality stuff) which was highly inconsistent from disc to disc. Those were CMC made too. One disc comes out with the usual low PIE levels and a QS of 99. The next one has a PIE graph that looked like the grand canyon and blocks of PIFs here and there. So I did a TE/FE scan with my 1640 on all of the remaining blanks. Some of them had TE and FE levels that went up and down like crazy. A few were deemed to be unfit for burning at 8x by Qscan. When I tried burning those discs, I got awful results too. The ones that had decent TE and FE levels were the ones that gave me excellent burn quality.

@kg_evilboy and karangguni - thanks for those posts!

I was pleased to see them as I was very surprised to see Verb discs behave this way. Glad to see others have had varying results.

Hehe, kg_evilboy - “Be happy that you still have working MCC 003 left.” - we’ll see, I never did any TRTs on the ones I burned. I have them all here though, and will be TRTing them all in my Litey. Luckily there’s only 8 or so, haha.

As I say though, it didn’t surprise me as none of these discs produced stellar scans, and I probably got a bad batch.

About the PIF spikes in NEC burns: I don’t believe the credo (these spikes are irrelevant etc…) anymore, one of my standalone players chokes on them. And just like [B]DrageMester[/B] experiences, TRTs in a Benq drive shows speed dips. If at least two drives choke on these spikes, there’s obviously something off.

For this reason I don’t burn in my NEC drives anymore, unless it’s @4X (with a constant burning speed you don’t get these spikes).

It’s a real shame, as if you disregard the spikes the 4550/51 drives have great burning quality… :frowning:

I agree there :frowning:

Thanks for your input, Franck :flower: (I had a feeling you too owned NEC(s), but couldn’t be sure).

I think the CMC MAG M01s burned on it should be fine for everyday use (my standalone is OK with them, and I won’t have any reason to use those discs on the Litey, even though the one I TRT’ed did so beautifully).

It’s the archived ones I worry about (the MCC003s I mentioned) - whenever I burn an archive on that drive, I will be sure to TRT it in my Litey and Samsung drives (the only two apart from the 4551 currently in use).

I’ll try 4x, thanks for the tip, Franck :wink:

You’re welcome :flower:

Sidenote: TRTs in a Litey will probably be useless (too good reader). Actually I think you’d rather use the 4551 itself to perform the TRTs. Don’t know about the Samsung. Use the less good reader. :wink:

Hehe, funnily enough I’m of the same opinion as you about TRTs on Liteys :iagree:

But when Drage posted about his Litey TRTs (he even got the same “Uncorrectable error” as me in one of those links), I thought I’d give it a shot :bigsmile:

I can certainly use the NEC to do the TRT. :iagree:…the Samsung isn’t immediately to hand, but I can take any discs that I’m suspicious of to TRT on it. :slight_smile:

Edit: there is one thing, and that’s if my archive isn’t readabel on the Litey, it’s pretty much useless to me, as if I need to replace that data, I’d usually use the Litey to rip it back to my HDD :wink:

Those spikes are normal on my NEC 3540A burns regardless of firmware - never caused me a problem.