Scans of LG-4163B burns

I Just bought a 4163B from newegg and I did some some test scans

nero speed3.55 create data disk.

HP branded cmc E01 +R 8x at 8x burn time 8:07

FujiFilm branded yuden T02 +R 8x at 12x burn time 6:41


I have not had good luck with this cmc E01 media, I think it could be a bad batch. As to the yuden T02, judge for you self.

Not the best T02 scan, and not quite fast too. :stuck_out_tongue: Do you have some MCC004, KenW?

MCC 03RG20 might be better (for tests) since there have been enough MCC004 screenshots. I don’t know who sells MCC 03RG20 though. :sad:

no Im out of mcc004 , used them up on plextor 716 testing. :frowning:

I have some fuji film -R 8x I will do -R test as soon as i finish format dvd-ram 2x Im going to make dos 6.22 boot disk out of it for old dos games, a 4.3gb dos disk hehehe.

I cannot wait and bought a 4163…
My first test was a T02 ( sold as TDK )
I was really surprised that it just reached 8x max speed, however, overall quality is really good
I’ll try to burn another one soon

Is the write speed set for “MAX” in CD-Speed? Then, there must be a problem. My YUDEN000T02 and RICOHJPNR02 sometimes drop to 8x somewhere (from 12x) but never burn like that.

DVD-R test

nero speed3.55 create test disk

FujiFilm dvd-R 8x at 8x fujifilm03 burn time 7:53

Sorry I have no 12x rated 8x media.

Just for comparison here is Philips 8x CMC MAG E01
Again some speed problem, but quality remain really high


Yes speed is set to Max.
I’m doing another test right now…let’s see

Really better now, maybe a defective media…or perhaps just the real first burn

thoughts on what we have seen so far.

The LG-4163B seems to good burner, I have not had coaster yet, even my poor E01 burn showed no CRC read errors when read with my nec 3500 drive. I do think the next fw will help a lot usually the first fw is never as good as later ones.

Feel like raiding Singapore MCC plant. lol

So far i haven’t seen any 8x DVD-R that can overspeed to 12x. :sad:


on older benQ 1620 fw B7L9 and before fujifilm03 -R 8x would do 12x, but later fw they moved it back 8x, all my other dvdrw drives only burn it at 8x as well, you are correct very fw 8x -R will overspeed in fw’s to 12x

DVD+RW test

fuji brand +RW 4x ricohjpn-W11

Full erase then

nero speed3.55 create data disk.

The same Create Data Disc on Nero CD-Speed 3.55. RICOHJPNW11, LiteOn-provided OEM, silver-coated. (The cheapest possible at the time.)

Write time was 14 min. 41 sec.

General Information
Drive: BENQ DVD DD DW1620
Firmware: B7S9
Selected speed: 4 X
PI errors
Maximum: 29
Average: 5.07
Total: 56659
PI failures
Maximum: 11
Average: 0.39
Total: 4161
PO failures: 0
Maximum: 10.8 %
Average: 8.69 %
Scanning statistics
Number of samples: 17667
Average scanning interval: 8.12 ECC
Glitches removed: 0

I got 94 score.

Disks very from brand to brand even if they’re the same MID code. The first post I did to this thread had t02 and E01 the E01 was HP branded cmc E01 and it was horrible.

This is a scan of an E01 also.

TDK DVD+R 8x cmc E01 burned at 8x burn time 8:02

nero speed 3.55 create data disk.


94 score not bad, my w11 had been used for testing, for a while and also used on my settop dvd recorder. I think if I had a newer RW disk it would have less errors. They do get old.

This might be of interest to some. Here is scan of the above cmc E01 TDK branded media run on my plextor 716a TLA:0101 fw 1.03

raygay did some 16x DVD-R lovin’ with TDK TTH02. Good timing of 5:25min :smiley:

Wow, finally more 16x DVD-R!