Scans of aging and older CD media



^ Damn, you know your stuff :bow:

First burner I had was IDE. A 2x Philips CDD3610, cost £158. Only drive I had that cost more than that was my Plextor 12/10/32A (£200).

As for Ritek…I’ve found the Maxell CDRs are OK…so far :wink: - makes me wonder how mine’ll scan in a few years, if I still have them.

Post more, post more :smiley:


Not quite as old as ghetocowboys…burned this back in early 1999. Kodak Gold on a Plextor burner (not sure of the exact model 8X or 12X). Too far back for this old brain to remember. Still reads and performs fine for me.



You know that’s all in your head, don’t you? :wink: There are no audible differences between different models of CDRs (assuming they’re all properly burnt with no huge amounts of low-level errors and the jitter is pretty low). I don’t deny that you hear a difference, but that doesn’t mean that the difference is actually there. It’s very easy to fool one’s self in audio listening. I should know :doh: :bigsmile:

Yeah, I know, a huge number of audiophiles [I]swear[/I] they can hear an [I]undeniable[/I] difference between different makes of CDR, but anything in audio that can’t be demonstrated in a double blind / ABX listening test is simply placebo effect. And no ABX test, ever, concluded that there was an actual recognizable difference… all these tests were… unconclusive. :bigsmile:

I’ve personally spent hours and hours trying to sort out blanks by “audio signatures” and ended up with nothing, zero. And being a musician and a sound engineer, I make a living out of my ears… I’m trained to hear tiny details that no one ever notices… I burn dozens of audio CDRs a month since 1996, both for personal pleasure and professional purposes… I think I should have discovered these “differences” by now, if they did actually exist! But they simply don’t. :disagree: I’m totally open to the idea that someone would prove me wrong. Several have tried… they were 100% sure to recognize disc A from disc B from disc C, and miserably failed the blind listening tests. :shrug:


Back on topic … This one has been burnt in one of the first Plextor burner (SCSI, with a caddy :bigsmile: ) sometime back in 1997. Sony branded 4X TY disc, probably burnt @4X. Scanned about two weeks ago.


Yeah, people don’t realize they’re spoiled these days. Why didn’t you [I]ever[/I] hear me complain about the price of the media? :wink: - I’ve known these times as well. My first CDR was something like BEF 500.-, which is about $15.-… :doh:


It is hard to explain when you dont have highend audio system. I tested TY brand from Maxell DATA CDR to Music CDR, Fujitsu TY, Sony TY, TDK US made, Maxell CDR, Memorex Black, Verbatim Vinyl, Mitsui Gold and Maxell Gold, nothing comes close to the gold CDR. the Memorex Black is the worse among those, memorex black CD is no better than any of the CMC, Ritek and the rest of others. Maxell CDR is the closest to gold CDR, then TY. The Verbatim Vinyl, the bass is very flat and heavy. I dont spend a few dollars on Mitsui gold blank media for nothing and thus I use it strictly on audio only. For some reason, the reflective layer on gold cdr, the player picks up better.

Do me a favor, use TY to burn an audio CD, copy from original CD, not a cd that is burnt using wave files or mp3s. Make sure you use DAO or TAO so your software will not convert to other formats before burning. Test it with any MIT blank like media, and play back for A & B comparison if you have a decent playback system to distinguish the difference. MIT media is bassy, but flat, not tight like TY.

Here is another scan of Mitsui Gold, Rated at 16X, Made in USA, burnt with Yamaha F1 using Audio Master Software, burnt over 5 yrs ago. I dont know why I am so inspired to dig up my old CDs. I left home for so long and now back for the weekend and found so many of my old favorite CDs


Another one I just ran across. Fuji branded TY. Wish I could remember burning these!


$15, that’s even worse! :eek:


Ghettocowboy - I can’t agree with you about the CD-R. It’d be great if someone could put you through a blind listening test haha.

I’ve personally tried it myself. I was convinced that Metal Azo verbatim sounded better than pthalocyanine Ritek. Blindfolded, got my dad to put in the cds in random order and I guessed away. I got like a 50% success rate, which means I couldn’t actually hear any difference lol. So I dunno, saying stuff like the gold reflective layer makes it sounds better is just silly. If there’s is a difference it may be in the jitter values. Your gold mitsui may have lower jitter than other discs.

Now what about Pressed CD VS CD-R? My dad swears he can hear the difference at high volume. He says the CD-R sounds more bassy and distorted @ high volume but the original sounds clearer and less bassy. I tested him and he gets it right 100%. Perhaps my burns back then had too high jitter values? It would be interesting to burn one of his originals with H22N @ 16x and make him try again :stuck_out_tongue:


I suggest that discussions about how different CDs sound differently or sound the same, placebo effects, double-blind ABX listening tests etc. be conducted in the Audio forum.

This thread is the wrong place for such discussions. :wink:


@[B]Dragemester[/B]: please, just allow me this last OT if you don’t mind… :flower: after that no more OT from me here, promise.

I [I]do [/I]have a high-end audio system. :wink:

Do me a favor, use TY to burn an audio CD, copy from original CD, not a cd that is burnt using wave files or mp3s. Make sure you use DAO or TAO so your software will not convert to other formats before burning. Test it with any MIT blank like media, and play back for A & B comparison if you have a decent playback system to distinguish the difference.
Done that already :slight_smile:

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Even before the recent insane local taxes, I think that blanks (tapes, cassettes, CDRs, DVDRs…) have always been more expensive in Belgium than in ountries around :rolleyes:

[B][Back on topic (quite)][/B]

A two years old cheap (for that time) Datawrite-branded silver printable CMC CDR, burnt sometime in summer 2005. Follow this link for the Original scan from 2005/08, and see the re-scan today (in the same drive at the same scanning speed) hereunder.

The variation is insignificant I guess (i.e. doesn’t look like greater than the usual variation between scanning passes of the same disc), I don’t think I should be overly concerned with the stability of this disc… :slight_smile:


I’ve been searching through my “vault” and found quite a lot of old CDR media (already burned), stuff like HP, Mitsui Gold, Verbatim Gold, BASF, Fuji, Plextor… I’ll be doing some testing on these to find out how much they degraded with time.

Storage conditions for these was shelve… box… whatever, I don’t even know… but they were mostly not handled at all.

I’ve also found two old unused and still sealed CDR discs, one Mitsai 74min (not Mitsui), and one HP 80min 16x CDR disc (this HP is probably TY, made in Japan). Will be interesting o burn these and compare to todays media :slight_smile:

If you’re interested in any particular test or if you have any idea on the best way to do it, post here. Thanks!


I’ve just finished scanning one 74min Plextor branded CDR, ATIP shows RICOH as the manufacturer.

This CDR was recorded sometime in 1997 or 1998.

Total C1 - 1806
Avg/Sec - 0.7
Max/sec - 19.0

Looks pretty good! And the disc reads without any problems!


Mitsui Advanced Media Golden Dye 24x CDR 700mb

Burned around 2002.

Reads perfectly. Only burned around 25 minutes on this CDR.

Total C1 - 7278
Avg/Sec - 5.2
Max/sec - 43.0

Not so good…


MTCDR-74 Mitsui Gold (Mitsui Toatsu Chemicals - Made In Japan) 74m CDR

ATIP Mitsui Type 5

Another 1997 burn. This CD is full, 74min written.

Total C1 - 12270
Avg/Sec - 2.8
Max/sec - 56.0

And… total 11620 C2 Errors… (2.6/sec - 146/Max)

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Verbatim CD-R Audio Metal AZO 74min (Made In Ireland). ATIP Mitsubishi Type 0.

Burned around 1995 :eek:

Total C1 - 10034
Avg/Sec - 2.8
Max/sec - 31.0

And… total 94 C2 Errors… (0.0/sec - 94/Max)


If you post screenshots of your scans instead of just the statistics, it will be easier to judge the “quality” of your CDs. :slight_smile:

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This Sky CD-R (made in Swiss by SkyMedia Manufacturing) was burned in february/march 2005.
Burned with LG GCE8525 at 8 or 16×.


[QUOTE=Arachne;1891746]:bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Hope you find a suitable scanner, chef, I’d love to see some results :slight_smile:

All my ones from '97-'98 are long gone. Kodak Gold IIRC.[/QUOTE]

Sorry for not having scanned & posted them yet, I just found some unopened KODAK CD-R Ultima, rated 1x to 8x, from 6/99, [B]Made in Ireland[/B]!

Isn’t that weird?!?! Maybe I should use one of them too. What do you think?


Another media made by SkyMedia - Swisstec branded CD-R burned 3,5 - 4 years ago on LG GCE-8525.