Scans of aging and older CD media



Is this a good TRT scan, how to tell if its good or bad. I’ve never messed with this before.



Your TRT is excellent (even Ideal), but LG DVD-RW drives are great readers, so if the disc can be read by your LG with no dips, slowdowns etc. then it still doesn’t mean it can be read by any other drive. The best drive for TRT tests is a DVD-Rom or a Combo CD-RW/DVD-Rom drive. Also NEC DVD-RWs are enough picky for TRTs.


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Nice thread, hehe.
Looked through my binder, carried with me all across the country for 15 years. So disc was stored poorly (cold/hot/rained on/frozen) and beaten daily. Oldest looks like an Imation 2x 650/74 with a TY MID. Burned in 95 or 96. Disc is hazed but has fared much better visually than most of the case, no pits and few scratches. Data is the Windows 3.11 to Win95 upgrade, lol. I’m sure some of you will remember how well that worked. Pretty good showing IMO.


Verbatim (CMC MID), burned May 1998. Data is 95 to 98 “upgrade”. ;0
Hazed, pitted and totally scratched. Completely readable though. Same binder/storage as last thread.


I was going to do an old Kodak until I noticed the edge was bashed in. n/m then. I still have a brick of unburned ones, maybe I’ll write them this week and scan them in a decade. ;0

Maxell (Hitachi Maxell MID, white face), burned April 1999 on a Plex 24x SCSI. Scratched and pitted, no haze. Dark blue bottom, durable top. Ultra clean burn until it encounters the nasty scratches. These were expensive discs at the time, but I remember that they used to take back any blank that coastered for ANY reason - it was cool. Reads nice.


The first one is the Maxell Hitachi, originally 4X Made in Japan, Gold Surface

The second one is the TDK, Made in USA, Yes, [B]Made in USA[/B] 8X White Matte Surface


Seems a media department to me…but nice gheto. Can we see some burn scans?


These discs were burnt over 8 yrs ago, it was either burnt by the Sony 2X SCSI Caddy burner, yes, CADDY, those were the old days or my 4X Yamaha External SCSI burner 416TX, Tray loading. I dont think these were burnt by HP scsi and plextor scsi burners. The HP scsi was a rebadge but forgot who made it. Cant believe it, I drove all the way to City of Industry to buy all my burners, the store is now known as MWAVE.COM. Yes, in the old days, they were just a warehouse. I also bought a diamond supra 28.8k fax modem from them using rockwell chip, awesome hardware compression, and Matrox Millenium 2mb VRAM Video card, damn that thing costs over $300, the only video card at that moment that is capable of video hardware support (notice the VRAM) at that time. And of course, all my Toshiba CDROM were purchased from MWAVE, from 8X, 12X 16X, 32X, all Made in Japan. And of course all my SCSI burners are made in Japan as well. I also have plextor 8X SCSI CDROM and 12X SCSI toshiba CDROM. There goes my childhood allowances. Normal kids buy candies, I bought computer products. At the age of 14, I brought my 800MB WD hdd to school to show off my Madona Bikini GIF I downloaded from a Local BBS. Yes, that was my first porno picture. Anyway, cant stop telling the old days
Here are the scans


Found another TDK disc, newer 12X TDK, Made in USA
I think this disc was burnt by my Memorex Rebadged Pioneer A03 (103 for OEM version) DVD burner. I believed the burner is 4X DVD burner


Hey Ghetocowboy, nice to see some vintage stuff! :bigsmile:

I’m gonna move this to the Blank Media forum, as I think they’ll be as interested as me to see these :wink:


I can spank out some CD-Rs from 1997, only problem is to find a suitable and reliable scanner device for comparisons. :wink:


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Hope you find a suitable scanner, chef, I’d love to see some results :slight_smile:

All my ones from '97-'98 are long gone. Kodak Gold IIRC.


Hmm my old TY’s are still fine ! :slight_smile: and alive. Might dig up some and post some of them.
Some of them are more then 10 years. !
I can’t say the same thing for much of the other media I bought at that time.


How about a retro scan thread?..Discs over 5 years old only.

Could be interesting in an anorak sort of way. :slight_smile:


We already have that kind of thread, although it’s not limited to over 5 year old discs only.

I’m considering merging this one with that one :slight_smile:


Here, I found this treasure, Mitsui Gold, burnt 10 yrs ago, thats right, 10 yrs ago. I am still trying to dig up my Maxell Gold CDR 2X and so far no luck but found my Mitsui Gold 4X CDR, I paid over $10 for each blank. It says it will last over 100 years, so far thats 1/10 of the way.

BTW, this is US Made


$10 for a blank CD! And I though £1 apiece was expensive (and the discs were only 1x-2x) :eek:


Yup Arachne, I am an early adapter to computer stuffs. I remember paying over $600 for my external yamaha scsi 4x burner. Then I lost the cable and it cost $80 to get the external scsi cable. and I paid $12 for the Maxell Gold, yes gold burning surface. But the gold color is not as dark as the Mitsui Gold. Maxell Gold CDR is light gold, the bass is very tight when I play back the audio, and the high and mid are crystal on gold CDR


Not the Best, but yucky Ritek under maxell brand, rated 16X, burnt in 2003 with BenQ 1620, I think I burnt it at either 24X or 32X, dont remember