Scans of aging and older CD media



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i havent used mirex in a while so i dont know how the quality is now, but the mirex gold i got at the mityanskiy rinok in moscow were some of the best media i used back then, and they still work good now.

haha, i wish we had mirex in california… im not sure if they even have distribution outside of the RF. according to their site, they’re the only successful optical media manufacturer in the country :iagree: but that comes as no surprise.


My oldest discs are from 2001/2002 and almost all of them are AudioCDs

  1. Maxell CD-R 74XL 1x-6x burnt sometime in 2001
  2. Kodak CR-R Ultima 80 1x-12x Silver+Gold, burnt in 2002
  3. Unbranded Taiyo Yuden burnt in 2002


After the excellent scans from my previous post i was looking for a crappy media and i dug out this 16x Samsung CD-R burnt around december 2001.
The LiteOn scan showed horrible results, so i did a scan with my Samsung just out of curiosity and result kinda surprised me. The Sammie again proved itself as an excellent reader :bow: :bow:
Now i wonder which drive to trust…

P.S.: I should have some old Traxdata and Platinum discs somewhere, but i can’t find them…


I would say the Lite-ON in this case, unless you want to play some russian roulette with future readability of that disc :stuck_out_tongue:


Drive - firmware: Memorex DVD±RAM 525G v1 G.01
MID: HP 650mb/74min Ricoh Company Limited
Burned with: CDSpeed
Burned at: 16x

Disc Type = CDR
Material = Phthalocyanine
Lead In = 97:27:66
Lead Out = 74:12:00
Nominal Capacity = 651.86MB
Manufacturer Maybe = Ricoh Company Limited


about 7 years old no name Prodisc CD-R, burned with unknown HP burner
ATIP: 97:32.19


Here’s an oldschool white and gray 74 minute verbatim data life plus from 99.

Burned on a plexwriter premium 52x.


The oldest TY CD I could find was burned in 2001 @ 8x with a Samsung SW-208F. Since I don’t have any decent CD scanners installed on my machine, I hooked up an LTR-52327S via USB enclosure.


My oldest disc, Verbatim 40x printable (Mitsubishi, type 3)
(professional looking cover art with DataLife Plus moniker)

Burner: Samsung SW-248B
Speed: 4x
Date: 2002 (ignore the date on screenshot)

Disc is in good shape without visible defects, clean, kept as archival medium in a closet.

Disc type: CD-R
Manufacturer: Verbatim
MID 97m34s23f
Write speeds: 8 X - 16 X - 24 X - 32 X
Capacity: 79:59.74
703 MB

0000 - C0 00 98 00 61 22 17 00 4F 3B 4A 00 00 00 80 00 - …a"…O;J…
0010 - 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 - …


Here are a few scans of the oldest CDs I could find. None of them were burned by me, and some scan better than any CD I ever burned with the very Lite-On SOHR-5238S I did the scanning with.

They were all burned in 1995-1997, except for the last one, which was burned in Jan 1999.

Also, in some scans there is an error at the end. Ignore that, it’s just because the CD wasn’t closed, and for some reason KProbe tried to read areas that weren’t written to.

Also, I believe this is my first post, so a big Hello to you all! :flower:

Edit: just noticed that the way to ensure the images are in-order seems to be to post multiple times. So I’m splitting this one.

The following two CDs were burned in 1995:


Here is the sacond part, CDs burned in 1997. The Taiyo Yuden CD in there was labelled Quake 2 and has thus probably seen a few network parties. Still looks finer than most stuff I burn today though.


Now finally the last CD, burned in Jan 1999, and with far lower error levels than I ever got with the burners I use today (though I admit I didn’t look for best quality when I bought them…)


MedO, welcome to CDFreaks! (even though you have been a member for almost a year :slight_smile:

You should be able to scan at 52x, this will give results you can compare to others.


Well, I think I originally registered so I could search.

I think I can’t run scans at 52x with this drive anymore. I don’t know why exactly, but at that speed the drive starts churning out errors toward the end of the disc even though the media scans fine on slower speeds. Also, sometimes (at least with CD-Speed, didn’t try with KProbe2) the drive refuses to scan with the set speed and instead reads slower, sometimes down to 8x or similar.


Or you can attach them one at a time–they’ll display in the order of first uploaded to last. :wink:


Welcome MedO ! I think this is the 3rd forum where we meet :smiley:

Could you tell what speed was that disc rated for ? (I’d ask for the burner too, but i don’t hope you’d recall :stuck_out_tongue: )

The following two CDs were burned in 1995:

Wow, i didn’t even know that there already were CD burners in 1995… But their quality seems to be much better than the current ones


That was my point, if it is slowing down then it has a good chance of having errors.


Cool, what’s the third one? I don’t visit many formus frequently, is one of very few. :cool:

As I said, I didn’t burn these CDs, but I’m quite sure I know who did. If I’m right and remember the thing correctly, the burner was able to burn at 1x and 2x. It’s been a few years.

It says “multispeed” on the disc, don’t know if that helps you much. The vendor is boeder, and it’s a 650MB-thingie.

They were quite a bit more expensive too. So were the blanks. I mean, I bought 100 shrink-wrapped Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs a while back for something around 0,30 Eur/blank, back in the day I think it was about 10 times this. :wink:

(I guess you mean the drive and not the CD)
Well, the scans I did at lower speeds were consistent, and I thought you can’t well compare the results from two different drives anyway. Here’s a sample scan from one of the above CDs, started at 52x. The beginning of that graph is almost the same than above, then errors start massing up and the speed drops to 4x at the obvious point. The drive is probably “just getting old”, I wanted to look for a decent DVD burner in the next weeks anyway.


Here’s a Memorex CD-R Music from 1999
MID: CMC Magnetics Co
1112229 C1 errors
345 C2