Scans of aging and older CD media



Lifetec CD-R Multispeed
97m15s37f / Nan-Ya

Burned 12 years ago


Lifetec CD-R Multispeed

Burned 13 years ago


Lifetec CD-R 52x

Burned 14 years ago


Verbatim CD-R 48x
Manufactured 06/2002

Burned 14 years ago


Lifetec CD-R 24x

Burned 15 years ago with Sony CRX175A1 @24x


Looks excellent!


unknown CD writer, unknown CD burning speed
CD Length: 09:43.67
Media ID: 97m15s17f
Dye type: 7 (short strategy, pthalocyanine)
Manufacturer: Ritek Co. Taiwan
Hub code:L410JS204230744LB09 80
Stamper code: RAD80M-52003 80 27
Burn date: 19 February 2003
Disc was lightly scratched and had mold on the outer edge, but reads OK
Sold as Traxdata 40X Speed CD-R Part No. TXS4080


unknown writer, unknown writing speed
ATIP:97m32s19f (Prodisc)
Burned Capacity: 35:55.55
Dye Type: 9 (short strategy, phtalocyanine)
Date burned:12 July 2005
Hub code:4115B1715 11030 10
Stamper code:R049-1612-3354
Disc has mold in outer edge, but no scratches, reads OK
Sold as Samsung DigitALL 48X Black CD-R 700MB


Name Platinum CD-R 74* Packaging: Jewel Case

  • Manufacturer:: Platinum
  • Reseller: Prodisc Technology Inc.
  • Packaging: 654,49MB
  • Audio: 74m 30s
  • Dye: Phtalocyanine (Type 9)
  • Barcode: 4027927000032

Platinum CD-R 74 / 650MB rated 16x
Burned 18+ years ago, probably with Yamaha.


Name Ricoh CD-R 74* Packaging: Jewel Case

  • Manufacturer:: Ricoh
  • Reseller: Ricoh Company Ltd.
  • Packaging: 651,86MB
  • Audio: 74m 12s
  • Dye: Phthalocanine (Type 6)
  • Barcode: 4961311321023

Made in EU CD-R Gold Green 652.1 74:12 78:23

Burned with either Philips CDD2600S or Yamaha CD-R burner. Must have been 19 years ago.

ricoh_74_front_small ricoh_74_2_top_small


Looks good, but Iguess the Lite is not a good CD-R-scanner. Do you have a Benq 16x0 or something?


I’ll re-test them with another Liteon and then with BenQs ans Samsungs too.


Benq (with advanced can) would be nice, not sure about the other drives. I remember the standard-scanners for CD-R in the past were LiteOn CD-RW-drives, ending with 5 or 6, like the 52246S


BenQ 1640 or more likely 1655??


1640 with BSLB (because of no speeddowns) is my favorite :slight_smile:

Not sure whether the 1655 scans so different