Scans of aging and older CD media



Kodak 1-24x Ultima InfoGuard CD-R burned in August 2001


that brings back memories. :bigsmile:


Extreme CD-R, burned Dec 2007

Initial Scan

got even worse but is still readable.


6 year old Sky CD-R, Made in Switzerland
40x rated.


Intenso branded 90 min MBI CD-R
5,5 years old



[QUOTE=Womi;2426825]6 year old Sky CD-R, Made in Switzerland
40x rated.[/QUOTE]

Sky’s CD-Rs seem to be a very stable and reliable.
Pity the same thing can’t be said about their DVDRs. :Z


I wonder if any of you guys could post some scans of Verbatim CD-Rs with Plasmon & 4M ATIP (and other brands with 4M ATIP) or media from these manufacturers: Postech, Auvistar, Seantram, AMS Technology, Doremi, Taroko International, Vanguard, Customer Pressing Oosterhout, Harmonic Hall Optical Disc Ltd., Taeil Media, CIS Technology. :wink:


CDA Datenträger Albrechts CD-R - silver/green recording side (probably Phtalocyanine dye used)

hub code: C292 07 11 02
stamper code: RE MB700 CDA Made in Germany 0803

Burned on: 26.09.2001

nice :slight_smile:


ATIP: 97m35s44f

  • unbranded 80min Cyanine CD-R (most likely sold as BurnMe in paper sleeves)
    Heavily scratched :frowning:

no hub code
stamper code: CD-R BD-4-2

Interesting ATIP and holding up really well considering it’s age (10 years!) and condition :iagree:


Traxdata 40x CD-R (700MB)
Made by Ritek
ATIP: 97m15s17f
Writer: Plextor PX-708A

Disc written in January 2004 (6 years ago). Write speed not known, probably 24x or 32x. No earlier scans available for comparison.

An excellent result, the BLER maximum is particularly good. If only Ritek still made discs as good as these.


Sony ‘Supremas’ CD-R 700MB (No rated speed stated)
ATIP: 97m24s16f (Sony)
Stamper Code: V5-0069
Hub Code: UF04B17270453 5 80C1 (stamped into disc)
Country of origin not stated (packaging has address for Sony Recording Media in Austria)
Discs purchased in mid-2004 (25 jewel case box)

Writer: LG GCE-8320B 1.04 (speed not known, probably 32x)
Disc written in January 2005 (5 years old)
No previous scans available

The Plextools scan explains why the Premium-U was unable to extract audio from this CD securely (522 uncorrectable errors :eek:). Two tracks are logged as insecure and contain many clicks (although the drive has done a very good job of trying to concel them). Have I just ‘lost’ a possibly irreplaceable recording? :sad:

Re-scanned with a Benq DW1650 and things look much better, only 1 uncorrectable error. Time for a bit of optimism.

Re-extracted the whole CD with a Samsung SH-S203P (an excellent reader of poor CDs). The result was declared to be secure and it sounds perfect. :clap:

But a very strange result. The Plextor is considered to be a much better reader of poor CDs than the Benq, and the Benq often reports a few E22 errors that the Plextor doesn’t. :confused: Re-scanning the disc in both drives produced similar results to the first scans.

The disc shows no visible signs of degredation, is clean and undamaged. But shortly after this disc was written the LG GCE-8320B started to misbehave. Conclusion: The errors are probably due to an unreliable writing drive rather than a defective or aging disc.


A scan of the same disc as above using a Plexor PX-755UF.


Platinum cd-r 80min multispeed
made by postech

Burned in 1999 with my Yamaha 4/4/16E
No idea what was the firmware or the burn speed, but the disc plays fine


Philips cd-r burned with a yamaha scsi drive or a plextor, i don’t remember.


7,5 years old ThinkXtra CD-R, burned with unknown burner. Barely readable now.


TDK Reflex Metallic CD-R 700MB (52x?)
ATIP: 97m27s58f (Mitsui)
Stamper Code: [B]None[/B]
Hub Code: 405309215166 R2 (black dot matrix printed)
Country of origin not known
Discs purchased in 2004 (single jewel case)

Writer: LG GCE-8320B 1.04 (speed not known, probably 24x)
Disc written in February 2005 (>5 years old)
No previous scans available

Note - Disc has begun to oxidise around the inner edge, data area & outer edge are unaffected


6-year old burn of a Verbatim CD-R, with a Lite-On SOHW-812S (unknown firmware; the drive died years ago). I cannot find actual manufacturer info, nor speed rating (this Lite-On DVD-ROM has been the only drive I’ve found that can complete scans, ATM). It was almost certainly bought in the late 90s, on a spindle, at Sam’s Club.


Verbatim metal AZO 12x CD-R (Made in Ireland), burned about 10 years ago. Disc is clean and unscratched.


Xidex 52x CD-R, burned about 6,5 years ago.


Why aren’t you using the Advanced Disc Quality which provides you with all the Exy errors instead of just BLER/E32 ? :wink: