Scans of aging and older CD media



Maxell CD-R for audio recording. Does not indicate burn speed, made in Japan. It was burned at 8x with my Samsung SW-224B about 5 years ago. Just to add, this the ONLY Taiyo Yuden disc I’ve ever burned. :o.


Some older CD-Rs i found which where burned about 7 years or even longer ago.
Burning speed on all of these media was 4x

First scan is a Made in USA TDK Certified Plus 6x discs i burned in 2000

Second one is a MIJ TDK 8x Disc i burned in 2001

Third one is a Imation Brand MIJ TY disc from 1998

Not bad scan for the TY and the TDKs C2 error come most likely from the few visible scratches on the discs…


A cheap eProformance branded Prodisc CD now just over 4 years old. I am pleasantly surprised. Even though any E22 errors are undesireable I was expecting far worse.

Written in August 2004 on an LG GCE-8320B at 32x and scanned with a Benq DW1655 at 32x.


I have scanned a few more of the same eProformance Prodisc CDs, all written in 2004 on the LG, and they are all looking good. None of the other discs has any E22 errors and the C1 average is below 5.


Lead Data 80 min / 730 MB CD-R with no speed rating
ATIP: 97m26s50f (Cyanine)
Burned in unknown CD-RW burner at unknown speed on 22nd July 2000 (more than 8 years ago)

This disc is surprisingly good after all that time.


Sigma branded Customer Pressing Oosterhout 80 min CD-R with no speed rating
ATIP: 97m23s60f (Cyanine)
Burned in unknown CD-RW burner at unknown speed on 15th December 2001 (almost 7 years ago)

Scan is bad but no trouble reading the disc.


Memorex Branded Lead Data 80 min 8x CD-R
ATIP: 97m26s50f (Cyanine)
Written on a Panasonic CW-7585 at 8x in September 2000.

This disc has several small patches of discolouration on the outer edge of the disc (outside the written area).


More than 3 years old Emtec Gold CD-R (MPO MID, made in France).
Initial scan:
Medium is in good condition.


very hard to know about BenQ CD-Scan ???
I do 16X CLV but someone 12X and 8X CLV… many more different speed :confused:

P.S we need standard speed for BenQ CD-R scan


Sky branded Plasmon CD-R (standard Plasmon stamper)
burned almost 5 years ago with Toshiba SD-R5112

holding up well.


[quote=Womi;2206712]holding up well.[/quote] Except for the nasty E22 spike at the outer edge (and the minor ones). :wink:


[QUOTE=DrageMester;2206718]Except for the nasty E22 spike at the outer edge (and the minor ones). ;)[/QUOTE]

yep, but I doubt those E22 are due to degradation :slight_smile:


5.5 year old Sky “blue” 40x CD-R, Made in Switzerland - very first Sky made ones
Burner: Toshiba SD-R5112


Disc was heavily used and has some scratches.


unknown burner, about 7 year old CDA Datenträger Albrechts CD-R

“MB700 CDA Made in Germany” stamper, Phtalocyanine dye


about 8 year old Tevion branded CD-R
Made by Digital Storage Technology (?)
ATIP: 97m27s01f

stamper code: SG6-80-586

Disc has a dye defect at the end of the burned area.
Heavy yellowing at the label.


Kodak CD-R DS InfoGuard 650MB 74min

Disc type: CD-R
Manufacturer: Kodak
MID: 97m27s45f

Burned with Teac CD-R 55S at 4x, about the year 2000 (not so sure, sorry)!

I think it is still in a very good shape :wink:
I don’t have initial scan, back then I was not a CD freak :bigsmile:


[quote=yyy;2228308]Kodak CD-R DS InfoGuard 650MB 74min[/quote] Very good media those Kodaks - except that the reflective layer tended to peel off if you looked at it in a threatening manner.


[QUOTE=DrageMester;2228314]Very good media those Kodaks[/QUOTE]

:iagree: It is difficult for me to get such scans in newly written CDRs!! :bigsmile: Maybe it’s time to get this Teac “monster” into my PC again. It’s still working but not used anymore :bow:

[QUOTE=DrageMester;2228314]except that the reflective layer tended to peel off if you looked at it in a threatening manner.[/QUOTE]

:confused: :confused:


[B]Verbatim CD-R printable[/B]
Manufacturer: Verbatim
MID: 97m34s20f
Burned with Teac CD-R 55S at 4x. Date [B]11 Feb 2000[/B]!! Almost 9 years ago!
It still looks fine except that the upper layer is not so “white” anymore :wink:


[quote=yyy;2228316]:confused: :confused:[/quote] The reflective layer of the Kodak CD-Rs was almost or completely unprotected, and I’ve had pieces of the reflective layer peel off such discs for no good reason, thus making the discs unreadable.

So I consider them good for archival (if carefully handled) but bad for general use.