Scans for 16X sony dvd-+r

out of curiosity , can anyone posts the quality sshots for sony 16x ±dvdr mij (if u are posting a mit one please state in ur post)

assuming they are sonyd21 (both +r and -r , correct me if i`m wrong)

esp people who have bought them from staples (can you guys posts)

My brother just went to Staples in Nashville TN to get me these spindles , I hoped that he could find 8X +R that are TY , but 2 days ago he didn’t find enything except 16X MIJ , could there be any 8X left in any other Staples store near that ?

im in worst condition than you are , i have a cousin in the US who will order for me online and he knows jack about anything , so according to info 16 dvd-r is 100% MIJ (dont know if its ty or d21) so my point is to collect all the scans for 16x mij or mit +r or -r and do the right thing ! im sure many ppl had made their purchase so i`m just waiting

You tell me about it !!!
My brother is a dumbass :bigsmile:
And the DVD-R 16X is not D21 , it is 16D1
Tell him to look for MIJ , and the octagonal spacer :

Oh no , sorry about the mistake , ordering online is not the right thing to do when looking for TY media under other brand names :o

yes i know and thats the only choice i have ! so ill risk it

Why don’t you just tell him to get genuine TY ?
Rima for example has TY media for a good price .

First scan Sony 16X +R MIJ SONY D21 burned at 16X.
Second scan Sony 16X -R MIJ TYG03 burned at 16X.
Both burned with BenQ 1655 fw BCDB SBkm On WOPC off.

I don’t see the scans !! :disagree:

scarfaceal , can you please attach the images i dont see them
waiting for other ppl as well ! :slight_smile:

minaelromany : i think i got a bit late he has already bought them and ill get it in about 20 days

I wish that he would get you what you want , my brother also bought me the last 2 spindles of MIJ sony from Staples @ 14.94 each :smiley:

i hope you post ur sshots when u get them :slight_smile: