Scans comparisons between a original PX-740 and it's crossflashed to BenQ1640



With the publication of the 1.01 firmware for the PX-740
it is now possible now

  • to “crossflash” a Plextor PX-740 towards a BenQ DW1640
  • and to “backflash” again at any time(?) towards a PX-740
    YSS succeeded in doing it according to this thread:
    So it might be interesting to see which firmwares: Plextor’s or Benq’s have the best results on specific MID codes

You have to burn the same MID code discs on the same hardware (drive) before and after crossflashing
but you can compare the burned discs by using a unique drive and the same software:

  • Plextools and a PX-712 or 716
  • CD DVD Speed and a Benq burner or other as reader

So lest’s choose for example Plextools and
post scans, please post …


I dont think there will be much difference because as YSS shows on his site when opening the Firmware (cvt file) plextor released in a binary editor the words “Philips DW1640 flash file” can be read.
Direct link to the pic:
link to YSS page about backflashing:


Thanks a lot Koba !
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That’s what i’m doing. Until i really get there Babelfish is a great help: :iagree:


So, the only thing “Plextor” about this drive really is the faceplate, huh? Sad…


No. Actually the new firmware 704A/1.01 is somehow better then the latest 1640/BSHB, at least we found out that 1.01 supports TYG02 @16x while BSHB only @8x.


Well, BenQ hardware + Philips firmware … still sounds like a cuckoo in the nest to me! I think this imposter belongs in the BenQ/Philips forum. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think we must pay attention to Plextor firmwares, because Plexor has a well known R&D and support team, so the Plextor version of PX-740/BenW 1640 firmwares may have some fine optimized burn strategies compared to the “plain” BenQ firmwares. Just wild guess, based on my own experience.

But as far as I know, even with firmware 1.01 the overspeed of TYG02 is not possible.


Sorry, I misread your post in the other thread. So no overspeeding for TYG02.


With the new release of MCSE you can play with Benq 1640 firmware at will.


I don’t think this can be interpreted as indication that Plextor simply copies Philips/Benq Firmware. Have a look at the changelogs from Plextor US:

716a FW 1.08:
[I]# Improved the write performance on DVD-R Dual Layer Media.

Improved the performance of BurnProof when writing on CDR media.

Fixed a bug with the transfer rate when writing in Multi-Word DMA mode.[/I]

740a FW 1.01
[I]# Improved write quality on all media types

Added support for new media types.

Fixed a bug which would limit the useable space on DVD-R Dual Layer media

Fixed a bug which would cause a data verify error if less than 2 gig were written on a piece of DVD-R DL media in DAO mode.

[B]# Improved write performance on DVD-R DL media.

Improved the performance of BurnProof when writing on CDR media.

Fixed a bug which could cause errors with the transfer rate when writing in Multi-Word DMA mode.[/B][/I]

Notice how the changes in the FW 1.08 for 716a are repeated in the FW 1.01 for the 740a? I think Plextor might be doing some kind of unified Firmware for all of its drives. Similar identical changes can be seen in changelogs to recent updates for the 708a and the 712a too.

The reference to Philips might be some basic code to drive the Philips-Chip used in the 740a. It might make sense for Plextor to buy/licence that code instead of writing it themselves. As for the rest of the FW i think the above changelog is indication that Plextor is doing their own coding.


Here my scan, bye all from italy :bigsmile:


Well spotted hwp. Interesting!

energy1959, the scan you posted is only a write speed transfer rate test, we’re more interesting in quality scans! :wink:


Thanks, here my first scanning, any suggestions… reflashed for original Benq firmware, but registered/burned on crossflashed firmware 1.01 .cvt Plextor bye :slight_smile:


Jesus christ … that’s very close to a coaster


I dont know… your response!!Sorry, i am italian… :bow:


I was just referring to the high PIF count … a coaster is a bad burn by the way :wink:


Check out the read transfer & PI/PO tests in the review at

Maybe just because its firmware 1.00, but I thought the BenQ’s (and, therefore, the BenQtor’s) were a lot better than that. The only media that produced a truly excellent burn at any speed was - surprise, surprise - MCC04. And the best CD burns it did showed 5× as many C1 errors than I get with cheapo Ritek CDRs.