Scannning Tracks Problem (sometimes slow)

When I want to copy a CD, the process starts with “Scanning Tracks”: The burner jumps to each track to verify the correct starting points (please correct me, if this is wrong). The copy process starts after this procedure.
(The same procedure is also done, when one is testing c1/c2 errors).

Normally the “Scanning Tracks procedure” lasts for some seconds (no matter if CDRs oder manufactured CDs are read). But sometimes the procedure lasts some minutes (more than 5 minutes!!), especially with older CDs (manufactured in the 80ies). The burner is searching very long for each starting point, then for the next one etc. When testing these CDs, the error rates are normally low, thus this seems not to be the problem.

Used Software: Plextools Prof
Burners: Plextor 48-24-48, Plextor Premium, Plextor 712 (all are external burners). All burners show the same problem.

I have the same issue when scanning for gaps between audio tracks in CDs with EAC. Some pressed CDs (also mostly older ones) take a few minutes to complete, while CD-Rs usually are very fast. No idea what causes this behaviour, but I think it is no cause for worries.

I have the same problem with EAC and some Audio CDs in my Plextor and NEC drives.

I don’t think the drive is the problem, but rather that the disc is the problem. I don’t know why this happens, but it can be very annoying.

Well if u think 5 minutes is long check the elapsed the time below !!

Just out of curiosity: What is ImageCopy?

But I am wondering what the burner is doing, when the scanning of tracks affords so much time?? Why is it not able to find them on some CDs, although the CDs are ok (c1/c2-test showed always low error rates, no copy protection).
For which reason does the burner at all scan the tracks? Why doesnt it start copying without scanning tracks before?

Image Copy is a part of Eclipse Mastering software.
the main reason why it takes so long in that case is because the CD has lost it’s reflection bad manufactoring