Hi all, I have purchased a Epson RX680 and was wondering what dpi I should be scanning my dvd inserts and dvds? At default its 300dpi and the dvds after scanning are pixelated! Should I be scanning at like 150dpi and enlarging it on the EpsonPrint Cd Software, cause 300 fits just about perfect! Thank you for your time!

Sounds like you are describing moire, which is common when scanning printed materials. There’s a wealth of information available on dealing with moire. Often if you just ignore it, prints look OK.

The easiest way to prevent moire is to use a scanner setting called “de-screen”. If it persists, scan at 300DPI, then re-sample the image to 150DPI in Photoshop. That usually eliminates it, but in the worst cases you can also use a noise reduction filter to soften it.

I have the RX595 and I usually scan at 600dpi with the import function in PhotoShop7.0 and
use the descreen filter and have very good looking scans. In the event if I do have any kind
of pixelation afterwords then I use the noise reduction filter in PS7 and if any is still there then
I will use the Smart Blur in PS7 then I resize them to 300dpi which works out perfectly for me. :iagree: