Using the NEC 7170 I get worse scans, than using the LiteOn to scan my discs. So what one is more accurate?
And why?

PS I know the Optiarc scan isnt 100% done but it would only get worse, and its just for an example since it happens all the time.

This review by Dee-27 might give you some ideas. :slight_smile:

Scan at 8x with your LiteOn. Or even better, at 16x. :wink:
NECs have different favorite scanning speeds varying even between drives of the same model…

Anyway, scanning isn’t everything. A good TRT is much more important.

This is too much. This YUDEN was a 99% when scanned on my 1620, now…uhhg.

So anyway for the LiteOn, I should scan at MAX (or 16x) but the NEC at 5x?
Because at 16x on the LiteOn this one is a 28% quality right out of the gate, so that didnt help. As you can see its only at 17% way through the scan and its already terrible.

So can anyone be specific, as there’s not one answer in the forum that I can see. Whats the best scan speed for LiteOn (the new ones) and the NEC 7170?

The [I]official[/I] CDSpeed scan speed for newer Liteons is 8X. I, and others, have found that this speed is not consistent for many drives and that there are variations within models. I stick with 4X as I have found that it is much more reliable. The only benefit to faster scanning is that it is faster. If you do some testing for your drive, you will be able to see if your drive is OK at 8X, just compare it to 4X.

If you post here at 8X, no one should call you on it. If you post at 4X, some will. If you post at 16X, many will ask you to change.

Scanning is for Liteon [I]burners[/I], not ROM drives and some people have reported problems with the 18X and 20X Liteons for scanning.

Ok thanks, I find I get better results and consistant with 4x on my LiteOn burner too, so…thanks again.