Scanning with KProbe 2.5.2 and Philips DVD R/RW DVD 8801/96

I just installed a new burning drive (a Philips DVD R/RW DVD 8801/96) and I’m trying to successfully scan discs for my first time. I’d like to use KProbe 2.5.2, but it just starts up for a few moments and stops and gives me results like the one below (a DVD–the similar results were given when I did a CD, too). This Philips says it is a “LiteOn” on the actual drive when I took it out of the box, so I should be able to use KProbe, right? (Nero gave me an error when I tried to do a DVD scan and takes forever trying to scan CDs, so I’d prefer to try the KProbe first.) I’m trying to wade through all the helpful recommend links for newbies on this stuff, but I’m getting a little lost in all the information :confused:. Thanks for any help!

Date : 10/11/2007 12:35:29 PM
Model : 1-0-0-0 PHILIPS DVD±RW DVD8801 4D28
Disc : DVD-ROM , []
Speed : Max
ECC blocks sum (PI/PIF) : 8/1
Scanned range : 0 - 00:02:00 (0)
Sampling count : 0
Errors : 1
PI Max : 0
PI Average : 0.0
PI Total : 0
PIF Max : 0
PIF Average : 0.0
PIF Total : 0

If that Philips truly is a LiteOn, what model Litey does it say it is?

I suspect you can’t scan because of the Philips firmware, so you’ll need to crossflash it to the appropriate LiteOn model. Which will void any drive warranty, BTW.

BenQ 1650

Thanks rolling - I thought the model number was familiar (I crossflashed one myself), but I’m waiting on an eBay auction so couldn’t get up to check my own drive :slight_smile:

Good to know Lite-On flashers doesn’t run on Nexperia drives. :bigsmile:
Otherwise we would see many killed drives…

Thanks [I]rolling56[/I] enlightening us. :clap:

[B]@OP[/B], KProbe doesn’t work with Philips/BenQ drives equiped with Nexperia chipset.

:confused:Ok. How do I do that? Is there a thread already started with instructions on this? (I started doing some forum searches on how to crossflash this specific drive, but most of my searches returned a blank page and my other searches were too broad.) Thanks!

[B]moscatomg1[/B], read my post above. You can’t flash DVD8801 to a “Lite-On”. :disagree:
This is a Philips/BenQ drive not compatible with MediaTek/Lite-On firmware.

To get scanning capability you can flash drive to a BenQ DW1650 (mentioned by rolling56 above).
But then you’ll have to use CD/DVD Speed tool for scanning.

It’s not a LiteOn, it’s a BenQ (see rolling56’s post above). :slight_smile:

Indeed the drive could have been killed which is why I asked for confirmation of possible Litey model. :wink:

Have a look around the BenQ sub-forum, how to crossflash a Philips drive to the corresponding BenQ model has been dealt with many times :slight_smile:


Given that this is a BenQ drive, I find the initial info given very curious:

thanks for your patience here in the Newbie Forum all of you. (I am posting here for a reason–b/c I really don’t have a clue about a lot of this stuff.) Maybe I don’t understand what “LiteOn” means exactly…from the “LiteOn DVD Burner / Sony DVD Burner” subforum, it looks like it’s a brand or brand equivalent (like the way “BenQ DVD Burner / Philips DVD Burner” are likewise mentioned in the same breath)? Regardless, I read the label printed on my actual drive before I installed it…yes, it said “Philips DVD R/RW DVD 8801/96…BenQ…” but further down on the label it also says “LiteOn…” which my old Philips certainly did not say. So I don’t know what to make of that, but that’s what it says. I’m tempted to open up my tower, take the thing out, and put it on my scanner bed and post the image here to prove I’m not crazy…though from an earlier attempt this week to post an image in these forums, I suspect the image scan file would be too large to post. Anyway, I started reading some basics about “crossflashing” and I now realize that is probably getting in a bit over my head–and it also seems a little risky for a complete novice like me. I think I’ll stick with using Nero CD-DVD speed. I won’t be able to scan DVD’s b/c of the error it gives me, and Cds seem to take an eternity to scan (if they scan correctly at all), but I think I’m realizing my limits here (skills, time, patience).

No, you’re not hallucinating :disagree: :wink: . It’s all the same company, PLDS - Philips Lite-On Digital Storage or something like that :confused: .

Look for the BQFlasher thread in the BenQ forum. You’ll need this together with an .exe BenQ 1650 firmware. We all had to do our first crossflash :stuck_out_tongue: , the drive’s of no use to you for scanning like it is anyway :slight_smile: .

thanks, cressida. that’s what I meant: it says “Lite-On Opto Tech(GZ)Co., LTD.” so I guess that’s a company. And you’re right about the drive being no use for scanning. I tried Nero CD-Speed again and it’s giving me the same BS results with no C1 errors…so it is useless as is. However, as for the BQFlasher thread that you recommended here (, are you kidding me? This does not look like stuff for an amateur. This looks confusing as hell, and so far most every page I read about this crossflashing thing has danger warnings strewn all over. Sigh. I guess I’m just gonna have to live without scanning my discs for errors–I’ve gone all these years without doing it, and the majority of my discs are ok enough to listen and watch.

Take your time and do the reading til you feel 90% comfortable doing it. Tip: click Search, then Advanced Search and type in 8801 + select “Search Titles Only”.

We all started sometime. None of us were born with flashing programed in our brains :slight_smile: It’s very easy and take it one step at a time.

The warnings are there so if you mess up no one but yourself is at fault.

Well since I’m still here in this thread I guess I’m still toying with the idea of attempting this. (Yet I’m a bit incredulous that some kind of more up-to-date software isn’t out there that will allow me to scan my discs with what is apparently a fairly widespread brand and drive without all of this trouble…) So I did that search, Cressida, and only 9 results came up–none of which I found particularly helpful for where I am in this game. A difficulty for me is that the more advanced users talk about what they did but not how they did it. As for this popular How to at, I’m finding it pretty confusing from the very first steps: it provides 3 links at the top
First download the f/w.
BenQ Official: Fig 1.
BsnQ rpc1 patched: Fig 2.
BenQ .CVTs: Fig 3.]

and only 1 of those links works. (Also, I’m unclear whether I need to download/follow all of these or just 1? And amazingly, if I do manually find my way to the BenQ official site and support, there is only a very limited number of updates available under DVD recorders–1 listed!–at Then for the one link that does work on the “BenQ & How to be a FLASHER!” thread (, when I go down to my Benq equivalent (which is stated on my drive as "BENQ 1655–not 1650 like some here suggested) the page says “BENQ DW1655
Currently RPC1 firmwares based on BCDB, BCGB, BCHB, and BCIB” (which is placed under the foreboding “Firmwares in beta, the newest of the new. ** HIGHER RISK”), but again I don’t know which of these four choices/links to choose or about the differences between them…honestly, I don’t know much about any of this by this relatively early juncture b/c I’m already completely lost. What is going on here exactly? Do I need just a firmware upgrade (which might be simply downloaded?) or do I also need to do this confusing crossflashing thing?

Do a Search with DVD8801 in the thread title as well :slight_smile:

Cressida, I found this page ( Why do I have a feeling that you knew exactly what that page was and that you were just gradually leading me there? Well, I just said F#@! IT like Withnail and did it. Apparently it worked. Much, much easier than wading through the BenQ & How to be a FLASHER thread. I now have my first scan with Nero Cd speed (below), and it looks a lot more accurate than when 0 C1 errors were showing up. Now I just need to find that darn page on interpreting C1/C2 errors with Nero cd speed that I should have bookmarked. (I don’t think it was or remember what the page looked like–it was a “how to” type–but I just can’t find it.) Well I’m now going in the right direction I think.

Nice job Cressida :clap:…and glad you got your drive BenQ’ed moscatomg1 :bigsmile:

Perhaps when you’re feeling more adventurous, or have some spare time, you could try BCDC firmware, it works well for me on my two (one is crossflashed from a Philips like yours). :slight_smile:

Thanks A. :flower: - moscatomg1, I thought you would be doing it in a couple of days or weeks :bigsmile: , there’s so much time left to learn. I don’t keep a collection of links on how to interpret scans, maybe start by reading the old cdfreaks review of your “new” drive (each review has a brief summary about scanning results). There’s also geno’s guide in the Blank Media/Testing Software forum stickies and others I don’t think of now. Most of all, take everything with a grain of salt - scanning isn’t an exact science but more like an impressionist picture of your discs :wink: .

thanks cressida and arachne. I just got 2 fat stacks of Taiyo Yudens today, too, so just in time to start burning and scanning with this drive to see how things are working! and I definitely will look at that review. thanks again!