Scanning, which drive do you believe?

New litey burner (LH-20A1H), Verbatim DVD+R 16x (MCC004) media, burned @ 16x with the Litey & scanned with both the LH-20A1H & BenQ EW164B.

Who do you believe when scanning?

As you will see, there are pretty sizable differences between the two.

First is the BenQ, Second is the Litey.

I thought that they both read in a diff way, Light0n average scanning interval 1:1 and BenQ 8:1 ECC
Or so I had been told, so you cant really compair them.

You also did not do them at the same speed.

LiteOn burns tend to scan poorly on BenQ burners in my experience. It is probably due to excessive jitter – you’ll see yours peaks at 19.1%! [I]That is excessive[/I]. Once the BenQ reads jitter beyond maybe 12-13, it flakes out…

Try Scanning @ 8X, the forum standard for both drives.

I did, the results with the Litey weren’t that good @ the beginning, but here’s the scan anyways & scanning @ 8x with the BenQ yielded very similar results as compared to the 6x scan.

I’ve read & talked to users, that using 8x testing on the Litey 18x & 20x drives have erratic results, so I backed the testing to the previous 4x standard.

I was just hoping for some feedback from other users, which scanner they felt they could trust more.

Are you trying to compare EW164B vs 20A1H or you’re trying to see how good the burn is?

If the later, scan with your DW1655 at 4x CLV and 165HS (or 20A1H) at 4x, all with Nero CDSpeed. Throw some TRT as well. :wink:

I like zevia’s suggestions. Also, what I do, nothing scientific of course, is evaluate scans from BOTH BenQ and Lite-On drives and weigh them equally. Usually, a good burn will scan quite nicely on both drives. My 2 cents.
One further note, I’d not trust any burn of something important that showed 864 POF’s on the BenQ scan.

I’ve found that BenQ scans from Lite-On burns to be more leiniant but that’s with my 1640 .vs 20A1P.

I would love to, but any drives I have hooked up externally won’t show up under Nero CD-DVD Speed. Why?

Well, as far as I can tell, I think I’ve stumped the authors of both programs as well. Whenever I have ANY ver of Daemon Tools installed, CD-DVD Speed won’t show ANY external drives.

Anyone have any solutions as to why Nero CD-DVD Speed won’t shake hands with DAEMON Tools & external drives?

And wouldn’t Nero CD-DVD Speed be a little handier, if ppl could select which ASPI layer they would like to use?

Who do you believe when scanning?


Both but only to a small extent lol

Scanning is not the ultimate way to test if a disc will work well. Lately I find myself doing a 4x scan in cdpeed with jitter testing enabled in my Liteon LH18A1P. Then I go for a 16x scan without jitter. Usually the 16x scan will bring out more errors and show how well the disc handles at higher speeds. With large amounts of jitter, I find the 16x test elevates all PI/PIF levels.

This is why I believe CD Freaks should include jitter testing with their quality tests. Slow scanning will not show the bad effects of high jitter. I’ve had scans that look good but because the jitter is high, playback issues are encountered. CD Freaks would call these burns “good” or “Acceptable”. Include jitter and those so called good discs look quite bad.

Your BenQ is a good example of how a drive is affected by high jitter. Scan @ 16x with your liteon and post the results here. I am interested to see how much higher the PI/PIF levels will increase.