Scanning Speed For LiteOn LH-20A1H

I just got a LiteOn LH-20A1H, which speed is used with this drive for scanning ?? With my 16H5S i always used 4x to scan with.

Personally I’d suggest 4x as the primary scanning speed for that drive.
It will avoid the pecularities of the higher scanning speeds and produce more reliable jitter scans than at higher speeds.

If I weren’t using my LiteOn SHM-165P6S for all my LiteOn scans, I’d scan at 4x with jitter and 16x without jitter on my LH-20A1P.

^^ What Drage said :iagree:

With my other Liteys (165P6S, 1635S) I can get by with 8x scanning just fine, though. :slight_smile:

Jitter reporting is not reliable at faster than 4x in my 1635S and 165P6S (there’s a kind of waveform to the jitter graph) and I’m guessing the same is true for your drives?

Spot on ;)…I also see the waveform thing with my 20A1H @ 8x IIRC (it’s been awhile since I scanned at 8x with it, so can’t recall completely).

I was talking about consistent scans more than jitter though, with the 16x drives “being OK at 8x” :slight_smile: