Scanning Software

Hey guys, here’s the deal:
My Mum’s job requires her to get pages of text (e.g. pages from textbooks) and retype them into a bigger font for the Kids that she works with that have bad eye sight. My Q is, is there a piece of software out there that can scan in a page of text then convert the image in to a txt/rtf? This would help my Mum sooo much :p.


OCR: Optical Character Recognition

This type of software is usually bundled with the scanner software/suite.

If you are looking for something and there was nothing bundled, try and also browse cnet for reviews on the software. BTW, no OCR is currently perfect, but it does do 90% - 95% of a good job nowadays, but there will usually need to be some sort of manual fixing up as well.

What scanner do you currently own?

One that’s good and probably the best one around is Omnipage.

Its an older (USB) HP ScanJet 4100C


Here is th eindex, depending on what O/S you are running, I am surprised HP would not bundle OCR…

double check the softwar epackage, it must be there!!!

Well, you will need for that a special software that can scan, convert and offer to make any changes in text format. It is not an easy task, especially when there are some pictures also on the page.

The best software is Omnipage in this field. Omnipage bought some years ago, to my best knowledge, one of the best Character Recognition Software in the market, by the name Recognita/Recognita Plus.

I have a Demo copy somewhere, but it is huge. About 74 MB.

Would that program work with any image characters or just ones from a scanner?