Scanning SCSI/IDE Bus




I helped a friend install a Lite-On 32x cd-rw in his Dell Dimension (450 MHz; Win98; lots of memory). I installed the Lite-On on the end connector of the second ide channel. The same channel contains a zip drive, which is on the middle connector. I put the burner on cable select to match the zip drive.

Installation went fine and I burned a number of cd's without difficulty. However, when Nero loads, it gives the message "scanning scsi/ide bus" for about 15 seconds before it goes away, which is quite an annoyance.

I tried DMA on and off but this did not make a difference. I checked the bios which show the Lite-On but not the zip drive, which surprised me as the zip drive works fine.

Does anyone know why the "scanning scsi/ide bus" message shows up for so long. I probably should have tried master/slave settings but didn't think about it.

Thanks for the help.

Bob Anderson


Does anyone know why the “scanning scsi/ide bus” message shows up for so long. I probably should have tried master/slave settings but didn’t think about it.

This seems to be related to how many drives are on the IDE chain and how fast they respond to the “query” by Nero. Setting M/S/CSEL explicitly might reduce a few seconds.

Nero lists all available recorders on the IDE/SCSI chain. Unfortunately, Nero also scans the IDE bus everytime it’s fired up. Faced a similar situation, so I removed some additional drives from my IDE channels.


Thanks burnproof. The zip drive has to stay, but perhaps I’ll unplug it just to see if that reduces the scan time. Also, my friend’s needs are pretty simple, and I may try a diffent software package to see if that works better.

Thanks again.



ZIP drives on channels containing other stuff = bad idea.

ZIP drives have a very low transfer rate and may limit the Lite-On’s transfer rate to much and causing problems with detection.