Scanning quality of my NEC 4570 for discs created with H10N

HI, I have a new GSA-H10N and burned a couple of discs. To check the quality of the discs I have to use my NEC 4570 cause I don’t have any other drive that is able to work with Nero CD/DVD Speed. The scans created with the NEC are not looking as good as the scans posted in this forum.

My question now is, is the scanning capability of the NEC 4570 not so good or is my new GSA-H10N not working correctly?

Thx for your help, dinodini

The NEC 3540 review has it rated below average for reading burned DVD video disks, and other NEC users have reported reading problems especially for -R media. It wouldn’t be surprising if same is true of the 4570, and I plan to avoid NEC burners unless reading ratings improve.

I don’t own a 4570 myself, but I’ve read in other posts that the 3540 is considered the most reliable NEC writer for scanning purposes. Apparently, the 4570 is quite inconsistent about scanning. People compared results of scans done their 4570s with BenQ and Lite-On writers and they found that for some people, they get comparable scanning results at 4x, others at 8x, 12x or 16x. Each 4570 drive seems to differ from another. So, I don’t think you should trust the scanning results of a 4570.

I own a 4570, and scans at 5x seem to mostly match what I get with my Benq 1655 at 8x and my Liteon 1693 at 4x. YMMV.